Seven Cycles Introduces the Evergreen

Seven Cycles Introduces the Evergreen

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Seven Cycles is always innovating something new, whether it's offering new bikes, designs, options or features. Stepping back from the bikes, they offer us, as a retailer, a great deal of information through seminars, articles, newsletters, and a special gateway to much of the knowledge they've gained after building bikes for over 16 years. This makes it particularly exciting to work with Seven. There's always something around the corner for us and for you.

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Yes, we're pleased to report they did just come out with a new bike model: the Evergreen.

The Evergreen is an all-terrain, do everything bike which boasts clearance for wide tires, disc brakes, and fender mounts. That's just to start. It's a Seven so go ahead and make it uniquely yours with paint, custom decals, a custom rear rack, 700c or 650b hand-built wheels with hubs of your choosing.

The Evergreen frame comes in a steel version (Evergreen), straight-gauge titanium (Evergreen S), double-butted titanium (Evergreen SL), ultra-butted titanium (Evergreen SLX), and 622 SLX-esque titanium-lugged carbon frame (Evergreen PRO).

Seven worked closely with our Endurance team to develop these bikes for the kind of rugged riding that people like to do...and do fast. Our Endurance team has countless experiences on every terrain imaginable, in all conditions, at all times day and night.

John Bayley (otherwise known as Fear Rothar) is riding the Evergreen SL. (Bike pictured above.)


David Wilcox is riding the Evergreen SLX. Photo by M. Roy.

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Matt Roy is on the Evergreen PRO. Photo by M. Roy.

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 Between these three and the racing, endurance riding, off-road riding, and even touring they've done on these bikes, they have proven that Seven has nailed it again with making bikes that don't just do what they're asked but go far above and certainly beyond. As Seven says, these are boundaryless bikes and, after seeing them in person, it's impossible to be convinced otherwise.