Today in Coffee

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On this cold snowy morning, we are staying warm at the Studio and serving up some delicious coffee offerings.

Our espresso today is Yukro, a delicious Ethiopian bean roasted by George Howell, that presents with bright flavors of apricot, anise, and lily. We are also serving our standard decaf espresso, a Costa Rican coffee by George Howell, with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and walnuts.

Our drip coffee options today are brought to you by our guest roaster, Ceremony Coffee Roasters of Annapolis, Maryland. The first pourover option is San Jose Ocaña of Guatemala. This coffee presents with toffee and brown butter aromatics and in cup flavors of cocoa and dates with red raisin acidity. The second pourover option is a seasonal blend called Holiday Twenty Thirteen. This festive blend will get you in the holiday spirit with chocolate and raspberry aromatics and tasty flavors of candied pecan, cane sugar and ruby red in a clean, balanced cup.

On the shelf we have a variety of retail options available for home brewing. Both our Yukro espresso and Costa Rican espresso from George Howell are available along with George Howell's Gachatha AB a Kenyan drip coffee, which exhibits flavors of white honey, cranberry, and plum. We are also featuring whole bean offerings from your favorite guest roasters from the past year. Madcap is back, with another festive option, the Holiday Fusion, a berry and floral blend. Also available is Heart Roasters' Chelelektu from Ethiopia, a wonderful coffee with flavors of cacao, lavender, and honey. Keep your eyes pealed for news of other guest roaster options that will be available throughout the remainder of the year.

Come on by and warm up with one of these delicious options!