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Give the Gift of Safety this Holiday Season

by Drew Korby


I've been commuting via bicycle for over 10 years, in places such as urban Philadelphia and Boston, rural Maryland, suburban Newton, and, of course, through Lexington. To me, lights make the biggest difference in the quality of the ride. Whether your ride is 18-miles long through busy city streets, a recreational evening in the woods or a 4-mile commute up the bike path, high quality lights make a big impact on how you enjoy those miles. Night becomes day and all sorts of new riding opportunities present themselves. They are also essential for safety.

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You can find several rear light options ranging from the value-filled Superflash that lasts ~100 hours on one set of batteries, to the hip and versatile rechargeable Knog blinder series. Lights like these ensure that others on the road are certain to see you and give you those extra few feet of space on the road. Headlights like the Light and Motion Urban 550 and 700 are not only compact, lightweight, and easy to attach to you or your bike, but are bright enough to turn those evening commutes into adventures through local trail systems.

On Being Prepared
According to Wikipedia: "Preparedness refers to a very concrete research-based set of actions that are taken as precautionary measures in the face of potential Screenshot 2013-12-17 15.42.01disasters." A broken chain, flat tire, a popped spoke are just a few of the things we cyclists would call potential disasters.

A saddle bag full of the things we could use to solve those problems can be what changes a worrisome commute to a relaxing end to a work day. Lezyne supplies a full line of ride-saving components such as saddle bags in several sizes, multi-tools, and our favorite hand pump that doesn't break valve stems and inflates tires to proper pressure fairly quickly and easily.

Screenshot 2013-12-17 15.53.58Be sure to check out Ride Studio Cafe's inventory of many items that are essential and improve any bike ride as well as enhance a rider's safety at the same time. Other items I highly suggest are our reflective vests (Rapha's high-vis gilet made for men and women can't be missed), Lazer helmets, and Lazer sunglasses (many that are clear at night, darker in the daytime - again, perfect for a commuter or cyclist who rides at all hours of the day or night).