Make 2014 your Year for the Smoothest Shifting and Best Braking

Treat Yourself to the Smoothest Shifting and Best Braking

We're excited as ever about this upcoming year and the new technologies and bikes you will have the incredible experience of riding for the kind of adventure you seek out.

Shimano has taken electronic Di2 up to the next level. While prices have dropped, performance has only improved. Di2 is more programmable and feature-rich than ever. Shimano doesn't deliver anything that isn't 100% tested and trusted to market. This next generation of Di2 is no exception. Shimano has always been very receptive regarding user feedback, and it shows as small details have been addressed from previous generations.


This past year we delivered many internally-routed Di2-equipped bikes so we can speak from the experience of bikes that see high miles. Our mechanics are eager to build bikes with Di2, also. Ultegra Di2 is now 11-speed and both the Ultegra and Dura-Ace Di2 are lighter than their mechanical equivalents. Most of the builds we're doing now include the battery being hidden in the seat tube and we get the junction box out of sight by tucking it away under a BarFly 2.0 computer mount which is made specifically to have the junction box mounted under it.

The clean component placement is more than just aesthetics, it means there are fewer cables to get mucked up by road grime. Shimano Di2 shifting is very quiet and as close to flawless as we've found. No cable stretch in shifting (since they are digital signals rather than mechanical cables) means that once the shifting parameters are defined, there's no reason it should get wonky after being shifted hundreds or thousands of times. No more fine tuning with barrel adjusters. It literally is a set-it-once-and-forget-it application. We invite you to demo ride a Di2-equipped bike so you can see what we're talking aboutshimano_unveils_industry-leading.image.-mainParsys-0002-image.dash.500.332

Shimano has also coupled their tried-and-true hydraulic disc breaking system into road hydraulic brakes with electronic Di2 shifting.  The parts just became available so if you want your bike decked out with the best shifting and breaking, just say the word and we'll make it happen. When braking is hydraulic, now the road grime really has no chance of getting in your way. The disc brakes are located far from the road so braking power on a rainy, gross day is nearly the same as that on a dry day. Ergonomic shifters and this improvement in power make braking much more enjoyable.shimano_unveils_industry-leading.image.-mainParsys-0001-image.dash.500.332

Both Seven and Honey frames can all be built with drilling appropriately placed for Di2 internal routing. In manufacturing, entry and exit locations are first reinforced so that there is extra strength in these key area. There is also lots of buzz right now surrounding Seven's newest model, the Evergreen. The Evergreen boasts disc brakes, wide fork for all-terrain tires, fender mounts - and anything else you want considering it's a custom build from Seven meaning it's made right for you.

Honey's All Roads bike is also very popular and we've been delivering many of these bikes. The All Roads sets itself apart as Honey's all-road, all-weather, go-anywhere disc-brake, fender-ready bike. Get custom-painted fenders to match the bike's paint and this light-weight steel bike treats the rider to four seasons of fun outside - and it will turn heads repeatedly.

Come in to talk with us about the world of possibilities for your next bike or email us with your wishlist.