Rapha Winter Gloves and Februrary Promo

by Roger Kim20140130_142458
Just the other week you might have heard me proclaiming winter was over. I believed the worst of it had expired and it was all downhill from here on out. It didn't help my iphone app was reading in the high 30s, which, to me, is like saying it's t-shirt weather.
These cold conditions can test one's fortitude (and sanity), but there's no reason to throw in the towel until spring.
Rapha Winter and Deep Winter gloves have been the ace hidden up my sleeve this winter. I was wearing them while pedaling in the calm of an -11 degree Vermont night. The gloves are hardwearing, modular, and offer plenty of dexterity with ergo levers. Pair them with a wool liner for even more insulation and warmth. Two qualities that make these my go-to winter items are that: 1) they are long enough to cover up the wrists and cinch down to keep the cold air out and 2) the fabric on the thumbs is soft and won't freeze, perfect for wiping the tears from your eyes and tidying up that runny nose.
We have limited sizes in stock for the remainder of the winter. I recommend you check them out.

February Promo

To help you stay warm and encourage you to ride in weather you might normally shy away from, we are offering you the following during the month of February:
Purchase any of the following Rapha apparel: hard or soft-shell jacket, pair of gloves or winter tights and you will receive a free Ride Studio Cafe custom wool 3-season hat (I'm wearing this cap in the photo). Come in to try on the warm, well-made Rapha and score a warm hat, too. 20 degrees may become the new 40.
If you have any questions about Rapha, I am happy to answer them as I have spent many seasons pedaling in Rapha and I am particularly hard on gear. Find me at the Studio Tuesdays through Saturdays or on email.