This Week in Coffee...

This Week in Coffee


This week we are continuing to serve some of the same wonderful coffees that appeared on our menu last week. As promised, our new Guest Roaster, Four Barrel Coffee, has provided our customers with wonderful espresso drinks throughout the week. Today we are serving their single origin Colombia Andino, characterized by mango frangrance, orange, strawberry acidity, and caramel sweetness. In the coming days, we will briefly return to pulling George Howell's Daterra North, with a milk chocolate, macademia, and dark cherry flavor profile, before switching back to Four Barrel later in the week. Keep your eyes peeled for changes, or ask your barista what is in the hopper when you come in. As always, for the coffee fan searching for a delicious cup without caffeine, we are also offering George Howell's decaf Costa Rican espresso, with lovely notes of chocolate, caramel, and walnut.

For pour over options we are currently serving George Howell’s Montecarlos from El Salvador, with light flavors of honeysuckle, apple, and orange, and La Bella from Guatemala, characterized by coco, almond, and maple flavors.

Looking to make some wonderful coffee in the comfort of your own home? Come on by and pick up a retail bag of one of our George Howell coffees or options from one of our favorite past guest roasters, Heart Roasters.

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Outside of the coffee realm, the cafe is thrilled to announce the arrival of new tea offerings from Rishi Teas! These new arrivals are joining a few of our favorites from Mem Tea Imports for a newly revamped tea menu. Come on by and try one (or more!) of the following organic and free trade teas: Earl Grey Lavendar, Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Classic Black, Jasmine Green, Bancha, Tumeric Ginger, Bergamont Sage, Ginger Lime Rooibos, Peppermint, White Rose Mèlange, Plum Oolong, and Coconut Oolong.