Gift Guide 2014

Gift Guide 2014 - For Everyone On Your List

Need ideas to satisfy everyone for whom you're shopping this holiday season? We have a few here and even more if you ask us our opinion on the subject given the specific interests of the bike or coffee lover in your life.

A Ride Studio Cafe Gift Card is guaranteed to please. It's available in any denomination and is the same as cash at the Studio. It may be used to purchase bikes, anything in the cafe, apparel, accessories, nutrition products and bike service. Need something we don't have on our shelves? We'll order it in for you to arrive when you need it. We are happy to mail to you or the recipient of the card.


We're happy to ship anything to you or to whomever you're gifting. We place frequent orders with our suppliers and typically have 2-day or overnight shipping, so don't hesitate to ask if we can order that something special.

Gift ideas ranging from $8 - 30

  • Rock "N" Roll Gold bike lubrication ($8.50): Often overlooked but always needed, the Studio offers Rock "N" Roll Gold lubrication - lube ideal for every type of bike and riding condition, it's a perfect stocking stuffer.

Rock "N" Roll Lube

  • Ride Studio Cafe Custom Water bottles ($12) - Even someone who has too many water bottles will love receiving a PBA-free, 26-ounce Ride Studio Cafe branded water bottle. Seven Project Pioneer Bottles are here, too!

Screenshot 2014-11-26 08.54.16

  • Rouleur Magazine for $20:  We have yet to meet a cyclist that could put this book-like magazine down once it has been opened; the pictures, the stories, and the lay-out are all top notch. Issue 51 just arrived!


  • Coffeee Beans: We proudly serve George Howell's Terroir coffee year-round and also offer this outstanding coffee in 12-ounce bags. We sell whole beans but are happy to grind them for you if you need. Our current guest roaster is Tandem Coffee Roasters. Bags of these fine beans are available for purchase.

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Gift ideas for $35-75

  • DeFeet Wool Gloves and Rapha Merino Glove Liners ($20-60):  Yes, your cyclist already has a pair of winter gloves.  However, a cyclist could always use a liner pair to make them oh-so-much warmer. Also, a second pair of winter gloves can't hurt to keep from having to put on a day-old sweaty pair before a cold ride.DefeetHighVis
  • Rapha Deep Winter Socks ($40): These high socks are very insulating and even have a wind-resistant front panel and toe. Great for the coldest rides...and cozy feet are happy feet no matter the chosen activity.

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  • Get out of a Nap Free Card ($40) - Gift your loved one with a punch card for 10-free drinks from our Cafe.
  • Race-Ready Tune-up Gift Card from RSC ($75) -  The perfect idea for the cyclist that has everything.  Everyone needs a professional-level tune-up for the spring.

Gift ideas in the $75-100 range:

  • Rapha Overshoes (Winter and Deep Winter Shoe Covers - $85-95): On the harshest winter days, cold, wet feet can seriously affect your riding performance. A vital part of any winter riding wardrobe, Rapha’s overshoes are made from 100% neoprene and have been designed to keep even the heaviest spray at bay.
  • Clement MSO X'Plor Tires ($75 ea) - Clement tires greatly enhanced our 2014 and they're rolling with us into 2015. The Clement MSO X'Plor 40c tire has wowed, impressed, and more than thrilled us on countless tires this year. If we could hand your trail-loving giftee one thing, it would be these tires. Ask us, we can let you know how wide a tire will fit in whatever bike you are looking to outfit.

Screenshot 2014-11-26 02.49.13

  • Winter Tires ($65-75 ea) - Continental makes 4 Season road tires that roll well and are also very difficult to flat. If your cyclist rolls through the winter on road tires, we have those that will make the experience quite a bit more enjoyable. On the opposite end of the spectrum, studded tires make ice riding easy and fun, too. We have these, as well.

Gift ideas from $100 - $250

  • Urban 650 Light ($130)- With 650 lumens, cordless and weighing in at almost nothing (121 grams), this light proves how easy it is to ride with lights in the dark of night without being held back. It's a commuter's or trail-rider's dream come true! The Urban series keeps getting brighter while the prices have gone down. The best part about this light, aside from its brightness and run-time, is how easy it is to attach to a bike - no mount necessary.


  • Viscacha Saddle Bag ($130) - The Viscacha saddle bag by Revelate is not just any gift. It's the ticket to long, self-supported rides thanks to its ability to hold everything for a flat, a day or two of clothing, extra jackets, food, even street shoes. It easily attaches to any standard saddle and, though it can get big, doesn't affect the handling of the bike, or get in the rider's way. We have ridden with this bag nearly everywhere and absolutely adore it...and we can hardly ride without it now!


  • Garmin Edge Touring ($250) - Garmin has a compelling ride computer that offers a rider full street maps, arrowed navigation, and a simplicity of use. The screen on the Garmin Touring model is just as easy to read as the Garmin 810, but the price is lower due to extra functionality surrounding power, cadence, etc. not being included. Should one want heart rate functionality, the Edge Touring Plus model is offered for $50 more. We have this and other Garmin models available for demo if you want to see it in action before purchasing. We've found ourselves riding all sorts of new routes and back roads thanks to the Garmin GPS full-map computers leading us there.



Gift ideas for over $200

  • Winter Wheel Package ($385) - Have a second set of wheels for the grimy days that have tougher tires, and save your nice, light wheelset for the better weather. A set of wheels that are very well-built, roll well, and are worry-free that we highly recommend is the Mavic Askium One wheels. Couple this wheelset with very tough and economical tires such as the Continental Gatorskins, and a cassette that matches your drive train and you'll be pedaling worry-free. Package price: $385, total value: $429. If you choose to upgrade tires or any part of the package, we'll offer an adjusted, still value price.

2013-12-21 07.49.05

  • Give Your Bike a Holiday Gift! - Over the holidays, while you're out shopping and attending to the holiday festivities, your bike is likely begging for a little attention. Bring it in for a full overhaul and a fresh new component group. The 11-speed groups introduced this year by both Shimano and SRAM have made very impressive improvements over shifting ease, quality, and ride feel. Let us worry about compatibility and parts, we can likely give your bike a full overhaul and do the upgrade in a week. After all your bike did for you this past year, give it a well-deserved break and some new parts to have it look and feel like new again.
  • A Ride Studio Service Package! These are all new and are sure to delight. These are gifts that keep on giving. Our pro mechanics are here to treat each bike to what equates to its going to a bike spa.
  • Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket ($375):  Possibly the nicest piece of cycling clothing ever made, wind proof, water resistant, durable, all in a classy package that is equally at home in a pub or by the fireplace. Sizes and cuts for men and women. Rapha has introduced many other jackets as well. We will guide you to which jacket is best for what temperatures and kinds of riding - we have deep experience with Rapha, so lean on us for advice to get the most comfortable ride possible!

Stop by the Studio or give us a call; we can make lots of other recommendations. We're happy to put any of these items in the mail to you or the gifts' recipient, too.