This Week in Coffee

This Week in Coffee: Spotlight on Espresso

Coffee, coffee, coffee! We have lots of wonderful options for you both brewing in the cafe and available on the retail shelf. Our pourover options this week come from our wonderful guest roaster, Tandem Coffee of Portland, Maine. Currently we are serving Chalabal Estrella from Guatemala and Ayele from Ethiopia. Chalabal is a deep brew with cherry, lemon, and juicy notes. Ayele is a brighter option with floral flavors and notes of raspberry, cola, and lemon. In the coming days, we will be transitioning from one Ethiopian brew to another, adding an Ethiopian Konga to our repetoire. This new option will provide a cup full of soothing flavors like vanilla, lemon-lime, blackberry, and cocoa, perfect to warm up on these chilly fall days.

Our retail shelf is currently stocked with all three of the above options as well as some former favorites: Tandem's Time and Temperature Espresso Blend and La Serrania Colombian Decaf, and George Howell Coffee's Ethiopian Borboya, Guatemalan Miralvalle, and Los Idolos Colombian Decaf (which is also available as espresso in the Cafe).

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New in the hopper this past week is George Howell's Pulcal Guatemalan Espresso Roast. Come on by and enjoy this sweet flavorful shot with notes of orange, lime, and smooth milk chocolate.

Espresso Shots Explained

If you are a frequent espresso consumer at RSC, you may have noticed over the past few months some new variety in the size of the espresso shots we have been serving. This fall we have been favoring larger shots. There are many different styles of espresso. All of the shots that we pull here in the cafe are double shots of espresso. In the past, many of our baristas have pulled what are called ristretto shots. A ristretto shot pulls to about 30 grams, making the final result 1.5 times the size of the espresso grounds used. Currently we are favoring a normale shot that is around 36-38 grams, or two times the weight of the espresso grounds used. In doing so we can play with new flavors and avoid some sour notes that can be difficult to avoid with the ristretto technique. Come in, try a double shot, and let us know what you think!