CCNS Testing & Seminar: January 3rd

CCNS Testing & Seminar: January 3rd

We're pleased to welcome back Aidan Charles and staff of CCNS. He and his staff will be performing a full day of physiological testing Saturday, January 3rd and he'll be speaking from 5-7pm, as well.

This is your chance! Physiological Testing

Professionally administered performance testing will be held here throughout the day.

Lactate Threshold (LT) testing helps determine your training zones both with heart rate and power for the upcoming year.

    • 90-minute sessions test your blood lactate levels as you pedal. $139

VO2 Max testing gives you insight into your exercise efficiency, caloric needs, and cardiovascular limits.

    • This test can be run in conjunction with the LT test so both are possible to complete in one 90-minute session. Vo2 Max: $149, Both LT and VO2 Max together: $250

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing determines your exact metabolic and caloric needs. Determining your resting metabolic rate and caloric needs is crucial to safely and effectively losing weight, gaining weight, enhancing recovery and having more energy.

  • This is a half-hour test.  $89
  • It is not necessary to bring your bike or bike clothes for this test.

If you plan on getting any of this testing done:

  • Make sure that you avoid a hard workout the day before your testing session.
  • Avoid excessive use of stimulants, such as caffeine, before the test.
  • DO NOT exercise the day of the test.
  • Bring your bike and gear just as if you were going for a ride outdoors. (Not necessary for RMR testing.)
  • Cancelations must be made more than 48 hours in advance. You're welcome to find a friend to take your spot if you can't attend your session.

Physiological testing is especially important for new athletes. Also, having baseline measurements in the dead of winter are great: then future performance gains can be measured and workouts can be properly planned. Find out where you're starting to see progress in the future! Also, having face time with a coach is valuable, he can answer your questions as you're being tested. Reserve your spot by registering now!


5-7pm Aidan Charles Hosts a Seminar

AIdan Charles LecutresUSAC Certified Coach Aidan Charles will speak with us concerning training in the proper zones, establishing a winter training plan, how to use power and heart rate data to improve endurance and power, avoid common errors, and he'll answer questions on anything training or off-season riding related. Please RSVP for the seminar and register for any of the testing sessions if you're interested in getting that done. We are fortunate that Aidan and his staff are making the 2-hour trip to come here to make all of this so easily accessible!  Email with any questions.