This Week in Coffee

This Week in Coffee: Introducing Gracenote Coffee Roasters!

We are thrilled to announce that this past week we began serving espresso from our new guest roaster, Gracenote Coffee Roasters! This local roaster of Berlin, Massachusetts is a wonderful addition to our coffee lineup and we are excited to continue to try out the wide variety of top quality coffees offered by Gracenote.


Currently in the hopper is an Ethiopian espresso called Misty Valley.

A Natural Processed coffee, Misty Valley is something a bit different that what we have served in the past. Typically we served washed or water processed coffees. This means that when the coffee cherries are picked, they are washed in water in order to remove the fruit from the coffee seed (bean). In the natural process, instead of removing the fruit right away, the fruit is allowed to dry on the bean before being picked off of the seed. This allows the bean to gain a fruity flavor distinct from water processed beans. Come by in the next few days and try out Misty Valley to discover its distinct flavors of blueberry, chocolate, and lavender.

Coming up in espresso offerings from Gracenote are a washed Ethiopian Konga and La Papaya from Ecuador. The Konga has a flavor profile that is, in the words of Gracenote, "adorable:" stone fruit, candied lemon, hibiscus. La Papaya is delightfully distinctive with caramel sweetness, ripe orange acidity and a subtle floral background.

Our drip pourover options this week come from George Howell Roasters. Some former favorites are back! We have Ethiopian Borboya and La Esperanza from Guatemala. The Borboya offers light flavors of sweet lemon, lavender, green tea. La Esperanza brings out fruity flavors of apple cider, peach, and citrus.

These options and others from both roasters are also available on our retail shelf for home brewing.