Diverged Ride 2015

Special Ride: Diverged

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rouleuring-in-ice-and-sand-image-Rob-Vandermark-480x263Update: Routes are Posted

Diverged 2015


The Ride Studio Cafe is hosting and Honey Bikes is sponsoring this very special early spring ride!

This is just a high-level view of what's happening on April 25. For all of the details and to RSVP, go to the Ride Page on the Overland Base Camp website.

Ride:  Diverged Ride.  All surface types will be represented: pavement, gravel, dirt, and rocks.  There are two ride distances: either 17 miles or 38 miles and fun, medium, and fast paces, too. Each group will have a ride leader so you're not on your own.

When:  Saturday, April 25 - Various starting times for the different groups

Where:  Departing from Ride Studio Cafe.

Why:  Honey Ride!  All bikes welcome – with some required modifications – see below.

How:  On randonee bikes – or modified cyclocross bikes – see details below.



Honey Bikes Winterando - Ready to Ride

The ride’s name - Diverged – comes from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken.  Because on this ride, we’re taking all the roads and trails.  We’re fortunate to have bikes, rather than being on foot, so divergence is a good word.  Because this ride is a bit unusual we have a few special bike requirements.

Bike Requirements

  • 28c tires, minimum size.  If you don’t have 28c or wider, you’ll be riding alone after you get a flat. If it looks like mud, we'll suggest knobby tires like the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs (33mm) or Clement MXP (also 33mm). If it's dry, then any 28c slick tire such as a Ruffy Tuffy 28c, Continental Grand Prix 4-Season, or wider like the Jack Brown 33c will work and knobby tires will just make it easier from there. Watch Twitter for up-to-the moment recommendations as we near the weekend.
  • Spare tube or two – with all the tools required to fix a flat – or two.
  • Fenders – only if it looks like it'll be so messy that your riding companions will thank you. Otherwise, leave them at home.
  • Basic tool kit:  Self sufficiency is the phrase of the day.  The group will wait for you if you have a mechanical – in fact we’ll even help – but you don’t want people waiting trail-side too long on a chilly morning.

If you don’t have one or more of these items, you’ll want to get them at the Ride Studio Cafe before that Saturday morning.


  • Honey-Centric Pre-Ride Breakfast – on the house at the Studio starting at 8am. Come hungry.

Honey Bikes Winterando - Wet Lion

The Ride

This ride offers an extremely diverse set of terrain.  On the one hand, Honey has ridden the entire route on a 23c road bike and had a blast.  On the other hand, a few have ridden the route on a fully decked out cyclocross bike – knobbies and all – and felt that a mountain bike might have been nice.  So, this ride has it all, a bit of technical handling all the way to multiple kilometer stretches of paved road.  Bring your 28c+ tired bike and you will have a blast.

Rain or shine, we’ll be smiling through the entire ride.

If you’d like to join the ride, please RSVP in advance – we’ll save a biscuit for you!


A slideshow of photos we took (or were emailed from participants) from the Diverged 2014 weekend is up! Thanks to all who came and rode Diverged with us and Honey Bikes!


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