Welcome Coava Coffee, Guest Roaster from Portland, Oregon

Welcome Coava Coffee Roasters

We are very excited to announce the arrival of a new Guest coffee roaster in our Cafe. We are now serving up delicious roasts from Coava Coffee of Portland, Oregon.


Introducing our next Guest is always an exciting time. Coava Coffee Roasters is a small batch artisan roaster out of Portland, Oregon. Coava has been on our shelves before, in the very early days of the Studio. This makes introducing them as our next Guest even more exciting.


With any adventure there are always great stories that come out of it. Coava's story begins in the garage of Matt Higgins. Matt started bar tending at local shops while finishing his undergrad at University of Oregon. Soon after graduating, Matt found himself wanting more than what his degree in German was offering him.

Already having a variety of talents under his belt, such as his time at the renowned Albina Press coffee bar, he decided to start trying things for himself. From the very beginning, Coava was focused on pursuing such ideals as sustainable farm practices and a quality product from farm to cup. Matt and his team dove head first, exploring the arts of agricultural science, sustainable business practices, and direct farm relationships. Matt once said in an interview with Joshua at FoodGPS.com, that "The most exciting part is bringing in a coffee that someone has never tasted before, a separation that’s maybe never been separated before, a farmer who’s never had his or her name mentioned ever, because their coffee’s been routinely blended away."  This is how we think at RSC when it comes to roasters and their product: emphasizing the work that goes into making a great cup of coffee, and enabling us to showcase the talents of the region, the farmer, the roaster, and the barista.

For the first few weeks we will be serving an array of filter options made available from Coava.

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The varieties will range from the consistently good Costa Rica Los Nacientes, to the uniquely funky and naturally processed El Salvador La Esperanza. We also will have a similar natural heirloom Ethiopian, Kilenso. Something we are really excited about is serving a well-crafted and consistently-produced natural coffee. Coava does these well! For more on natural processed coffees check out our previous coffee blog posts on the different types of processes used around the world.  We look forward to what these next weeks in coffee have to offer.

As we do with many of our Guests, we will be starting with Coava's filter coffees offering two rotating varieties available via Kalita Wave or Chemex brew, then we will rotate to serving Coava's espresso offerings for the last half of their tenure at RSC. We are looking forward to serving you the wonderful coffees Coava has to offer!