A Brief Look at What's Happening: Group Rides

A "Brief" Look at What's Happening

The number one question I get on a daily basis is: "So what's happening at the Studio?" My answer is usually a long pause while I try to think of all of the upcoming rides, events, new products hitting the shelves and then I blurt out: "A whole bunch of everything." That's not a very concise answer so here's an attempt to answer this seemingly simple question with the details you're looking for.

Group Rides

We've had a full year of really awesome rides - and we're continuing to ride as the weather changes. Our weekly rides have been very well attended. In response, we have added more good rides to the line-up. Here's what's new:

Saturday 8:15am Horizon Chasers - This long, moderate ride has been running all summer, but it just got a name. Every week it has a different route, usually between 60 and 80 miles. This coming Saturday's edition of the ride will take in peak fall foliage. So, we'll call it the Leaf Chasers for this week. Everyone who can maintain a 16-17mph average pace for the distance is welcome to attend. The distances will go down and the ride will migrate forms with seasons. We'll keep this running as long as we can.

2015-09-05 11.05.42

Saturday 8:30am Redline Ride - This is a 60-mile fast, drop ride. Groups are 10 people or smaller to keep the ride safe. When we say fast, we mean it. All we ask is that participants sign up in advance, so we know who is riding at which speeds.

Saturday 9am Espresso Ride - This ride is the Saturday version of our Sunday Coffee ride. There are two groups rolling at 16.5 mph average and 17.5 mph average. The route is different from Sunday's Coffee ride.

Rides are Led by RSC Super Domestiques

We put together a very special group rider training session with Mark McCormack in early September for RSC Super Domestiques. Our Super Domestiques are largely comprised of our most active group riders who ride well and have vested interest in group rides being safe, fun, consistent, and welcoming to new riders. We've put special emphasis on having smaller groups roll out together and we remind riders of the rules of the road before each ride. This has really helped tighten up rides. We even had one group receive a compliment from a Concord police officer who was driving behind the group and was pleased to see the group riding together two-abreast.

2015-08-29 08.17.55

Please let us know if you'd like to join the cadre of RSC Super Domestiques!

Special Rides

Remember back to January and February of this year? Yes, it was white out and a bit chilly. We were out there riding. And we put together the Conjure Series of rides to get some good weather and dry pavement. It worked--that was the beginning of a lot of cool rides.

Our Randomneur Series treated riders to very, very long rides in every direction. This was a series of four long rides, all named after famous randonneuring rides. The longest, and most popular of these ran 143 miles to Provincetown.

We've had a lot of fun hosting Overland Base Camp's series of rides which included the Maneha 250, Dusk to Dawn (& the many Dusk to Dawn pre- and post- training rides), Honey 100, and, most recently, the Formidable Pave Ride.



Honey 100 lunch. Photo by Brian Burt


These Overland Base Camp rides will be back in 2016! Start planning and preparing now. Anyone who properly prepares for these rides and has the right equipment can do any of them. The We'll let you know the dates for each when we receive them on our master Ride Calendar.

Special Rides and Events Upcoming

Fall Five: Friday, November 13 - Thursday, November 19

The Fall Five is a competitive, solo event where riders complete a series of rides following a Garmin or other routing device, then results are compared with everyone who is competing the same event. We ran the last edition of the Fall Five during the hurricane of 2012. We are looking forward to doing it again - just without the hurricane. The routes will keep everyone on their toes and the terrain is unlikely to be smooth or flat. Winners, not-winners, and everyone who was part of the cheering section are all invited to a post-event party at RSC on November 21.

November 21: Velocio RECON Ride and Party

We are excited to be carrying Velocio apparel on our shelves. Velocio is visiting us on November 21 so we'll be hosting a fun, 2-hour mixed-terrain ride starting at 3pm, then concluding with a party back at the Studio. The Velocio RECON road trip concludes here. Their RECON collection is ideal for a New England winter, and this will be a great opportunity to meet them and their apparel. Check out the Details and be sure to RSVP.

December 12 - Women's Braver than the Elements

The women's Braver than the Elements ride is of the mixed terrain variety this year. The training rides leading up to this keystone end-of-year event are also mixed terrain. Road bikes with 25-28c tires are appropriate for the next training ride of 25 miles in length which is on Oct 31. The next two training rides on November 21 and 28 all require wider, knobby tires and cross or mixed terrain bikes.

If you had your calendar marked for December 5, the date was just changed to December 12 for the Braver than the Elements ride event.

January 23, 2016 - All Conditions Ride

Overland Base Camp is running an All Conditions ride during a time that promises to offer just that. Details are up - start planning for it and the Winter Tide Ride Overland is planning!

Get Ready!

I promised this to be "brief." Now you understand why there isn't a short answer to the "What's Happening?" question! It's important for you to know that we are rolling right through the winter -- through what we're calling the Hot Drink Season. There is no "off" season in New England. Riding conditions just change somewhat. Be ready for the snow and the tougher conditions: get gear such as a good pair of gloves, cycling boots, lights, and a set of snow tires. We will be writing a lot more on how to be prepared as the temperatures dip. But start thinking now about staying outside. It'll be far easier to keep riding than to stop and try to start again on a really cold day.

Last winter was fun for those out playing in the snow.