Fall Five - A Fall Competition for Road and Mixed Terrain Bikes

Fall-Five-stacked-600pxPresenting... The Fall Five

Join the Ride Studio Cafe for the funnest ride series of the fall!

Five Rides, Seven Days, One Big Party, Countless Prizes

Happening from Friday, December 5 through Thursday, December 11. (Yes, the dates changed from mid-November. Later in the fall and later in cross season is helpful for many people's schedules.)

What is The Fall Five?

This is a five-stage solo road AND mixed terrain cycling challenge that is open to all riders with gumption. Each rider chooses whether to complete the road stage or mixed terrain stage; mixing and matching is fine! It’s a fun way to extend the riding season, and each stage is a short, intense effort that’ll keep you warm.

When is The Fall Five?

  • Ride Stages: The first stage starts on Friday, December 5. The final stage takes place on Thursday, December 11. Stages 2-4 occur between these days.
  • Party Open to All: Friday, December 12 at 6 pm

Why Ride The Fall Five?

Why? Because of the Five P’s!

  • Party, Prizes, Personal Challenge, Phun, Promotions Times Five.

How does The Fall Five Work?

We’re racing five stages spread out over seven days. For stages 2, 3, and 4 you have a few days from which to choose; do the race on the day you prefer. This is one of the beauties of this solo race – race at your convenience. And, this makes it easier to participate in all five stages.

All of the Details

Complete Details and registration information are at the ride page:


We hope you join in this very fun event and keep riding through the fall!