Introducing Passion House Coffee Roasters

Introducing Passion House Coffee Roasters

Photo Courtesy of Passion House Coffee



Our new guest roaster is Passion House Coffee Roasters out of Chicago, Illinois.

Passion House was founded by Joshua Millman, a creative individual with years of previous roasting experience. Owned and operated by Millman and creative director Vedya, this small batch roaster takes pride in their artistic approach to coffee. The "AME" logo represents their three genres of roasts. By grouping their coffees into these genres, they hope to spread knowledge of the complexity of coffee and the different ways that it can play with our tastebuds.

The "A" represents Ambient, a genre of roasts containing more mellow flavors.

The "M" represents Mainstream, a genre of more familiar balanced coffees.

The "E" represents Experimental, the genre we will be testing out at first here at Ride Studio Cafe. Passion House's Experimental genre includes the type of coffee we love to serve: single origins and vibrant, complex flavors.

We will be starting out our journey with Passion House by offering their drip coffee. Currently available on our pourover bar is the Ethiopia Borena Borboya, a velvety coffee with notes of raspberry and almond. Up next will be the Costa Rica Finca Licha, a naturally processed and pleasantly bright coffee with notes of passion fruit.



We will be selling whole bean bags of Passion House Coffee as well, and currently we have their Kenya Gachatha, Costa Rica Fincha Licha, and Ethiopia Borena Borboya for you to take home and enjoy. For a limited time, when you buy a bag of Passion House Coffee you also get to take home a complimentary Passion House button.

We are loving the selections so far and look forward to serving Passion House Coffee to our customers!