Performance Road Bikes Ready for New England

Performance Road Bikes Ready for New England

Remember last winter? Probably. Remember riding on the cold, snowy days? Likely not, but a lot of people were out there having a great time pedaling throughout it. Even though the snow piled up, the roads were often rideable. Cycling through the colder months has become more and more common in New England. Our group rides continue. In fact, the worse the day is, the more people show up, because people like to ride with others when it's cold out.

Saturday Ride - Photo by Derrick Lewis

There is no better way to get through the winter than by taking advantage of what it has to offer...outside. We have bikes here that are fast, light, performance bikes for the spring, summer, and fall AND are ready for winter. This is uncommon to find with mainstream stock bikes, but it is common for us to deliver such bikes to very happy people. How is this possible?

Lake in Harold Parker State Park, Patria riding - Photo by Henry V.

Road bikes with slightly larger clearances that allow for wider tires feel just as fast and responsive as road bikes that barely clear a 25c tire. The difference in frame geometry is minuscule. The mid-reach fork is slightly extended, keeping its stiffness properties and quick handling ability while allowing it to accommodate the mid-reach brake.

Having the ability to mount an LAS file tread tire on a road bike turns said bike into a trail bike. This is a no-compromise setup.


A set of road wheels that typically accommodates a 23c tire is very likely to be able to accommodate the LAS tire.

A tire that's gained much popularity more recently is the Clement MSO 32c tire. This one fits in the brakes and frame with no trouble at all. That's a common choice for road bikes that took on D2R2, a popular dirt-road randonee ride, over the summer.

Or a Continental Speed King - a 35c tire usually only ever seen on a cyclocross bike.

Conti CX Speed 35c

This bike that runs the Continental Cyclocross Speed tire is often seen on group rides with 23c tires. Same wheels (Mavic Ksyrium Elites), different tires, easy swap. It's like two bikes in one. Again, without compromising speed with the skinny tire setup, and not compromising the ability to enjoy dirt trails, rough roads, and have great traction when the roads are wet or slippery.

Saturday big group ride with Rapha's Rich Bravo & Derrick Lewis - Photo by Neil McInnis

When the roads get icy and riding is still a priority be it for pleasure or for commuting, a studded tire offers ultimate control and confidence.


Both Seven Cycles and Honey Bikes offer fast road bike models that offer this wide range of abilities to ride confidently and quickly throughout the year.

We haven't mentioned disc brakes here and it's no secret that we deliver a lot of disc brake bikes. Disc brakes aren't always the solution, though they're becoming much more commonly seen on stock bikes. Disc brakes, while offering excellent braking power, add weight to the bike and require the fork and other features of the frame to be stiffer and larger than they'd otherwise be on a road bike.

For the person who wants a fast and light performance bike, caliper brakes are usually a very viable, and appropriate, choice. As with all of the bikes we spec,  it's important to discuss how the bike will be ridden, where it will be going, and what its intended uses are in the future.

If you want an All-Year, All-Conditions bike, our lead times are awesome at Seven Cycles. In 4-5 weeks, you'll be riding your new unpainted bike. It's 6-7 weeks between now and a new painted bike. If this year is like last year, that is well before the first snowfall. Email us at to discuss more and if you'd like to demo a great bike similar to those we've highlighted here.

Dirt Roads Go On And On - photo - Rob Vandermark

Ending this post on a high note, the spring isn't all that far away and with it comes the warm weather, fast rides, and opportunities to travel with the bike. Travel often involves mixed terrain and, again, the larger-volume tires and/or knobby tires can be just perfect.