Bikepacking with Joe Cruz: Stories, Images, and a Fearless Approach to Just Doing It

Bikepacking with Joe Cruz: Stories, Images, and a Fearless Approach to Just Doing It


Speaking from a lifetime of bikepacking experience, Joe Cruz is coming to Ride Studio Cafe May 26 at 7pm to share what he has seen and done with us. He comes from a broad perspective of world-wide riding adventures and bringing many photos from his travels. Joe lives in western Massachusetts so is familiar with the amazing bikepacking in our own backyard here in New England and across the United States. Much of his talk will focus on bikepacking that is approachable to those newer to it. He will address the fears of new bikepackers and offer his approach to managing fear. As he says, it's more about the way in which we create our own barriers that need not exist.

Joe Cruz image of bikepacking.

Joe is one of the bikepacking originals starting his bikepacking adventures in 1988 and spending significant time each year to trips that most people wouldn't think to attempt. In his work-life, Joe is a professor of philosophy, and he brings a philosophical and practical approach to the sport.

Bikepacking in the US.

His talk will be inspiring, motivational, and educational--and someone you shouldn't miss.


Not only will Joe treat us with his images and stories from bikepacking, but he'll also be bringing his fully-loaded, ready-to-bikepack Seven Treeline for all to see.

Read Joe's blog and check out his bikepacking images on Instagram.

Please RSVP early for Joe's presentation (scroll down) - there are very limited numbers of seats. We will provide appetizers and drinks throughout the evening.