PMC Bike Promo - Ride a new bike at the PMC This Year!

Have a *New* Bike to ride for the PMC this year & we're contributing to your fundraising dollars!

Seven Axiom SL

The Pan-Mass Challenge is coming up and we want you to have the ride of your life out there. Having a new bike for this event is a capstone of the summer - and this will help keep you riding well into the fall, too. What does a new Seven bike mean to your riding and your PMC enjoyment? A lot.

  • The bike built for you will fit you perfectly. Say goodbye to aches and pains. Cycling isn't painful when a bike fits correctly.
  • A titanium frame is lightweight and it performs. The tubeset is chosen for you. Why ride a bike built for someone lighter or heavier than you? Get the acceleration, handling, and road feel that you want.
  • Get comfort and performance. We can't emphasize this enough. Sevens are no-compromise bikes. They are fast and light AND they absorb the bumps, cracks, and rough roads. Ride 100 miles and feel fresh at the end. You shouldn't get beaten up by your bike on a long ride. Trust us, this is easily achievable with titanium and a smart frame builder like Seven who designs the bike for you.
  • Enjoy what your bike looks like -  How do you want your bike to look? Aesthetically, there's almost nothing Seven can't do. Ask us for the colors and look you want. Your bike should look good to you!
  • So many options are available to you. Have you considered running a wider tire on your road bike? Did you know that there is almost no compromise to having your bike built to take up to a 35c tire? Would you like fender mounts? What about an option to put a rack on your bike in the future? Would you like to travel with your bike? Add S&S couplers for easy bike travel. Ask us. There's almost nothing Seven won't do to make your Seven the bike of your dreams.
  • Value - Not only do you get a hand-built bike that is made in Massachusetts, you get a lifetime warranty on the frame. Seven stands behind their frames unlike any other manufacturer. Get a bike now, it'll still be treating you well, like a new bike, many, many years from now. Sevens have longevity unlike most stock bikes that go out of style, have breakable frames, or use proprietary parts that are impossible to find in the near future. Seven builds bikes that aren't meant to be replaced.

Seven Cycles road bike

Here are three great options. As always, if there is something else you want, we're happy to spec it for you. Just tell us! The prices listed below don't include pedals or tax. Email us at for more information.

Seven Axiom S titanium bike with SRAM Rival 22 group set: 

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Seven Axiom S titanium bike with Shimano Ultegra 6800 group set:

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Seven 622 SLX titanium & carbon bike with SRAM Red 22 group set: 

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Ask us for more information about any of these options or if you have something else in mind.


The options are limitless where it comes to Seven and the bikes they build for each person. No two are the same because no two riders are the same!