Welcome Flight Coffee Company!

Flight Coffee Co logo On the heels of the recent upgrade to our drip coffee program, it's time to welcome our next guest roaster, Flight Coffee Co. Flight hails from just north of here in Bedford, New Hampshire. Started in 2012 as CQ Coffee by Claudia Barrett (aka CQ) they've quickly established themselves, producing several coffees rated in the 90s in Coffee Review. They’re almost single handedly raising the bar on coffee in New Hampshire and we’ve been really impressed by their ability to find unique coffees and really nail the roast.

IMG_9745 Case in point is the Toba Batak Peaberry from Sumatra, Indonesia. Sumatran coffees are famous (infamous, to some) for their pronounced earthy, spicy tones which take well to darker roasts, making them a relative rarity among specialty coffee roasters and drinkers who prefer more balanced coffees with sweeter flavors that really shine through light roasts. This Sumatran has a wonderful fruit flavor (“I’m leaning towards pineapple” Claudia told us) on top of root beer and subtle tobacco notes. It’s absolutely delicious and a real treat for us- a rare specimen of a fruity Sumatran that begs to be drank black. It’s on our shelves now!