Conjure Ride – Sunday, February 26

Join us for the Conjure Ride 2017

Join in helping us Conjure the spring and spring riding this Sunday, February 26 at 9:30am. We’re riding 60 miles on paved, beautiful, mostly back roads down to Sherborn for mid-ride coffee and light, warm food then returning to Ride Studio Cafe for a nice brunch.


There are three ride paces from which to choose. Get your road bike out, and ready for the ride.

Group ride in the early spring. Photo by Jenny W.

Group ride in the early spring. Photo by Jenny W.

When you RSVP, you’ll receive the route in your email.

Please RSVP now, see below, so we have the proper amount of food at both locations and ride leaders!

The spring is almost here and the Conjure Ride helps encourage Mother Nature to bring back the warmth, the birds, and the beauty spring has to offer riders.

If it’s been months since you’ve taken your bike out on the road, please look your bike over carefully for tire wear, check the brake pads, make sure all of the bolts are properly tightened, be sure to lube and clean the chain. If your bike is dirty, clean it. Cleaning is important to identify any potential issues with frame or parts.

Take out your flat fix kit and look through it: does your spare tube hold air? Be sure of it, check to see if your CO2 cartridges have air in them, and if everything you expect to see in there is really there.

If you’d like our assistance with any of this, please email us at

download (2).jpeg

There will be a stop for coffee and warm food half-way into the ride at our other store, Ride Headquarters, in Sherborn. Brunch will be awaiting you upon your return to Ride Studio Cafe.

All riders are required to read and are expected to abide by These Rules.

We require a signed waiver before your first ride of the year.  Please fill it out online prior to your first ride with us this year – we want to be sure all of the information is up-to-date and accurate, so if you’ve filled it out before, please do it again.

We look forward to riding with you Sunday!