Watch Albert Cook’s Photographic Journey Across the US

Experience Albert Cook’s Photographic Cycling Journey Across the US

We are thrilled to have Albert Cook, an award-winning, published photographer, and avid recreational cyclist come speak and present 90 minutes of photos he took on a cross-country bike trip he completed last summer. Join us on February 22 at 7:15pm to hear Albert tell his story of how he was invited by Ellen Wilson, a family friend, to go on this big cycling trip. Without thinking or a moment of hesitation, he said yes without consideration of his normal life and decided to go.  He will discuss how he took on this very long ride without months of preparation, and how he managed to complete it on a small budget. He will tell of the wonders he saw along the way, and show what it’s like to ride across the U.S. taking it one day at a time.


At 70 years old, Albert is still on a trip of self discovery, and is very much enjoying discovering the world. We have been fortunate to see Albert on countless rides as he pedals up here from Arlington anytime he has a chance. We see ourselves in Albert: he works hard, he loves to ride, and he is human. By this, we mean that there are some people who you expect to break a record each time they get on a bike. There are those who don’t appear to feel pain, or need the typical creature comforts in life like food or sleep. You know who we’re talking about. In Albert, we hear a story that we, normal humans who love to spend time on a bike, could be telling.

He will talk about how he approached a monumental task and made it happen. His story is filled with rich photography that he captured along his journey. It’s the cross-country tale in full color that people rarely see or hear. Albert has been a photographer for over 48 years, and his images take us directly to the beauty he found.


How does it feel to ride day in and day out? Is there a time when it becomes too tiring to continue? How do you find adequate food and water along the route? Where do you sleep? Ask Albert the questions you have in the Q&A after his photo presentation. Be ready to be in awe of our beautiful country, and of this ride. We are so fortunate Albert has taken the time and energy to capture his ride and prepare it to share with all during this very special evening.

  • Wednesday evening, February 22
  • Happening here at Ride Studio Cafe, Lexington Center
  • 7pm – Appetizers and drinks are served
  • 7:15pm – Albert’s talk begins
  • 15 minute Q&A

If you have further questions for Albert, feel free to stick around, doors will be open until 9:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you here for this very special evening!