Celebrate the Holidays Together with the Good Friends Gathering Ride

Wednesday, December 26 we’re hosting the Good Friends Gathering!

This is a fun 100k road ride sandwiched by hot oatmeal and coffee before the ride and a tasty bowl of sweet potato and lentil stew afterward. Food is free for all who RSVP by December 23.


Show up between 10am and 11am for pre-ride food, then roll out at 11am.

We’ll have two ride paces and multiple groups depending on turnout and weather. The ride groups will be 16mph and 17-18mph unless weather requires slower.

If the weather leaves the roads too messy for safe road riding, the ride will become mixed terrain and shorter than 100k. We’ll keep you posted. Riders will receive the route the evening of December 25.

Read Complete Details about the ride and RSVP on the Ride Page.

Are you worried it’ll be too cold for you? Ask us what to do to ride throughout the winter comfortably and without We have a great selection of winter apparel from 45NRTHCafe du Cycliste, and Velocio that is sure to keep you warm and comfortable out on the road. We have great options for studded tires, a must-have for riding on icy roads. Read our article on when we require studs for our group rides.

We look forward to celebrating the holidays with you!

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