Celebrate the Holidays Together with the Good Friends Gathering Ride

Wednesday, December 26 we’re hosting the Good Friends Gathering!

This is a fun 100k road ride sandwiched by hot oatmeal and coffee before the ride and a tasty bowl of sweet potato and lentil stew afterward. Food is free for all who RSVP by 5pm December 23.

Tour Seven Cycles Monday, October 10

Tour Seven Cycles Monday, October 10

Seven Cycles is located just down the street from us in Watertown. Seven is a company full of bike building professionals. It is the place where custom bikes come to life and many new innovations in bike building have been created. Screenshot 2015-01-14 18.38.26

Seven has been making the finest bikes for 18+ years and their experience shines as they work. It's manufacturing at its best: handcrafted bikes are very carefully and perfectly built one at a time, yet the short lead times show efficiency, and a well-run business full of highly-skilled people who are passionate about what they do.


We're heading to Seven Monday, October 10. This is Columbus Day. The tour of Seven will begin promptly at 11:30am. Feel free to arrive 10 to 20 minutes early to check out their showroom prior to the tour. Please register by Sunday, October 9 by 5pm. An email will be sent to you with details and directions after you register. We hope you join us!


Ride down to the KMC Cross Fest and Watch Exciting CX Racing at its Best

Ride down to the KMC Cross Fest and Watch Exciting CX Racing at its Best

UPDATE: Appropriate-for-cyclocross rainy weather is predicted for Saturday. Therefore, we are CANCELING the road ride since a long day riding and then hours standing in the rain isn't the best mix. We will do this road ride event next year, so mark your calendars early! We *highly* recommend visiting the KMC Cross Fest this weekend, as it's going to be great racing and a lot of fun to participate as a spectator. 


The Cyclocross race scene is fun for everyone, no matter if you're a racer or spectator.

We are riding our road bikes down to the KMC Cross Fest taking place at the Thompson Speedway on Saturday, October 1.

The ride departs from here at 7:30am (we pushed the starting time by 1 hr since our original announcement). The route will be 92 miles in length (we'll email it to all who register the day before the ride) and we'll email the nitty gritty details too. Average pace is 16.5 mph.


  • Depart Ride Studio Cafe at 7:30am, we're open at 7am so you can have whatever you want from the Cafe and bike shop before starting the ride
  • First stop is at Ride Headquarters 26 miles into the ride. We'll depart with anyone joining us from Ride HQ at 9:30am.
  • Arrive by 1:30 at the Thompson Speedway. Change, get food, etc. There are showers on-site.
  • 2pm: Cat 2/3 Men Race
  • 3pm: Elite Masters Men Race
  • 4pm: Elite Women Race
  • 5:15: Elite Men Race
  • 6:30: Shuttle departs for Ride Studio Cafe (see below for details)

We are offering a shuttle to return back here departing at 6:30pm, at the conclusion of the Elite Cyclocross Men's race. The shuttle fee is $45. Otherwise, the road ride portion of the day is free.

The KMC Cross Fest is incorporating the Gran Fondo New England and Major Taylor Century on Sunday, October 2. Camping at the Thompson Speedway is an option. If you'd like to send down your camping things or anything else on the shuttle, we'll bring them down. You'll just need to find a way home on Sunday which will probably be fairly easy since there are many hundreds of Boston-area riders and spectators who will be driving back Sunday evening.

Registration for the shuttle is required by September 27. Registration for the road-ride-only option is required by 12pm Friday, September 31. Please fill out the form below.

If you'd like to ride your bike back to RSC, please let us know on your registration so we can provide you with the shortest-possible route back. We will also let you know if others are choosing this option.

We hope you join us!

Bikepacking with Joe Cruz: Stories, Images, and a Fearless Approach to Just Doing It

Bikepacking with Joe Cruz: Stories, Images, and a Fearless Approach to Just Doing It


Speaking from a lifetime of bikepacking experience, Joe Cruz is coming to Ride Studio Cafe May 26 at 7pm to share what he has seen and done with us. He comes from a broad perspective of world-wide riding adventures and bringing many photos from his travels. Joe lives in western Massachusetts so is familiar with the amazing bikepacking in our own backyard here in New England and across the United States. Much of his talk will focus on bikepacking that is approachable to those newer to it. He will address the fears of new bikepackers and offer his approach to managing fear. As he says, it's more about the way in which we create our own barriers that need not exist.

Joe Cruz image of bikepacking.

Joe is one of the bikepacking originals starting his bikepacking adventures in 1988 and spending significant time each year to trips that most people wouldn't think to attempt. In his work-life, Joe is a professor of philosophy, and he brings a philosophical and practical approach to the sport.

Bikepacking in the US.

His talk will be inspiring, motivational, and educational--and someone you shouldn't miss.


Not only will Joe treat us with his images and stories from bikepacking, but he'll also be bringing his fully-loaded, ready-to-bikepack Seven Treeline for all to see.

Read Joe's blog and check out his bikepacking images on Instagram.

Please RSVP early for Joe's presentation (scroll down) - there are very limited numbers of seats. We will provide appetizers and drinks throughout the evening.

Ride on the Road: The Conjure Series begins February 27

Conjure Series: Summon Spring with Ride Studio Cafe’s Road Season Opener Saturday February 27 - Sunday March 6


The Conjure Series begins Saturday, February 27, kicking off nine days and two full weekends of road rides from Ride Studio Cafe. The Studio is your group riding home base, providing good food and drink to fuel you for base mile riding to conjure the sunny spring.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.00.38

We are riding at various times of day, in all directions, seeking out warm spots with good friends, old and new. The roads may still be cold, but our minds are set on warm, sunny days with flowers in bloom and leaves budding on trees. Think bunnies and tulips, shorts, and iced mochas.

We have a lot planned to keep you riding and smiling. Each day will offer a new route and good food either before or after the ride. Examples are pre-ride waffles, weekday post-ride lunches, and plenty of hot drinks to keep you warm. Will you join us in conjuring spring?

Complete ride series details, route details, and times can be found on the Conjure Ride Page. The routes will be posted at least 24 hours in advance of the ride start time. Due to weather uncertainties, we need will post the route when we're nearly certain we won't need to change it. 

What Makes this Series Special

Registration is free, rides are happening at all times to allow for everyone to join in, and provides you free, great food, and special vouchers that help you stock up on all of the spring necessities. The more you ride, the higher the value of the voucher you'll receive. There is even an Instagram contest to join in on. Check out the Ride Page for complete details & to register.

We hope you join us for this road ride series to conjure up a lovely spring!

Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.02.16


Sat. Dec. 13th, Boston's Cycling Craze - Talk and Holiday Party

Sat. Dec. 13th, Boston's Cycling Craze - Book Talk and Holiday Party

Boston's Cycling Craze Book

Join us at 5pm on December 13th for a fascinating talk by Larry Finison, author of "Boston's Cycling Craze, 1880-1900" as well as holiday party afterward!

From 1877 to 1896, the popularity of bicycles increased exponentially, and Boston was in on it from the start. The Boston Bicycle Club was the first in the nation, and the city’s cyclists formed the nucleus of a new national organization, the League of American Wheelmen. Massachusetts had the largest per capita membership in the league in the 1890s and the largest percentage of women members. Several prominent cycling magazines were published in Boston, making cycling a topic of press coverage and a growing cultural influence as well as a form of recreation.

Larry Finison has written a captivating book on the topic. He will be here with us to discuss the fascinating history of Boston cycling. He will talk about important cyclists of the era, as they reflected issues of race, ethnicity, and gender.  He’ll talk about their struggles with acceptance and discrimination. The history of cycling is important and very interesting in Boston; Larry has done extensive research to bring this story to us.

Larry will speak and then open the floor for discussion and Q&A.

After the talk, stay to enjoy a festive spread of food and take time during the holidays to socialize with your cycling friends.

Larry will be signing copies of his book which will be for sale at his talk. Don’t miss this very interesting story and a chance to ask questions of someone who knows Boston cycling since 1877!

Seating is limited, please RSVP below. We hope you join us for this festive book talk and evening at the Studio!

Why I Love to Ride

Why I (Love to) Ride

Screenshot 2014-07-14 09.24.50

This coming Sunday, July 20th, Rapha is encouraging women across the globe to ride 100 kilometers or more. A great chance to get together to spend a day riding on beautiful roads between here and Mt Wachusett? We wouldn't miss the opportunity. We are very excited to be hosting very fun rides of 100 kilometers and 100 miles in length. Each ride has a group riding at a more casual pace, one moderate, and one quicker. Choose the distance and speed that's right for you. We have many wonderful women who are leading and sweeping so no matter your pace or comfort level, you'll have others to ride and share the day with.

More reasons to come out to ride on July 20th:

  • We have a very special and unique Rapha apparel promotion just for you on July 20th.
  • Receive a discount for a massage with Kimber Green - she is an outstanding massage therapist who practices in Lexington and Somerville who understands what active women and men need.
  • Enjoy Enerchi Bites as fuel on the ride - these are well formulated whole food and active nutrition created by local women who ride. (As seen in the Rapha souplesse jersey in above photo. Taken by Michael Lovely.)
  • Meet the RSC Expedition Team - this is a group of six ladies who love to ride and have deep experience in most kinds of riding, racing, juggling work, life and riding, and who are more than happy to answer questions, or simply give you confidence.
  • How is your bike working? Any day leading up to the ride, anyone registered may have her bike serviced by our pro mechanics. This week we'll treat your bike to our "Rapha Women's Ride Pro Bike Prep" service: we'll adjust your derailleurs, lube your chain, fill your tires with air, and give the bike a safety check - so you're ready to go on Sunday for $35. Please call ahead so we will expect you (339) 970-0187.
  • Have the chance to buy Molly Hurford's book Saddle, Sore - a book written just for women addressing issues and questions that women have on the bike.

Register Now

Why Do You Ride?

We ask those who register, "Why do you ride?" Here are some of the responses we've received from the ladies who will be riding out of here on July 20th:

Allison:  It makes me feel stronger. I'm exhausted after a long ride or race, but I feel accomplished. If I can get through a grueling ride, I can do anything!

Christina:  For fun and triathalons!

Helen:  It helps clear my head after a long day and after using up all my energy from my ride I can sleep like a rock at the end of the day! This is my first big ride with so many people and it is really exciting to get out on the road and train for it!

Courtney:  I love it!

Kelley:  I ride because it feels good! I like feeling the wind in my face, my legs working below me and the general feel good vibe that comes from exercising. Also by riding I get to explore new routes and see new parts of cities and towns I would have otherwise missed. Riding in groups doubles the fun as you have other people to share the experience with!

Charlotte:  I ride because it makes me feel independent and empowered.

Melissa:  It never gets dull.

Ashley:  I ride because I love its freedom. Freedom to go wherever you please, from being stagnant, from connection to technology, from being on the grid, freedom from life's distractions and the ability to just enjoy the ride!

Dana:  Being on a bike is joyful. it is meditative. it is simple. it allows me to do something i love with people i love and get to places i love and go swimming. it is shared with my littlest nephew, age four, and my oldest grandmother, age ninety-one. i know my strength and joy on a bike.

Jessie:  The way you experience the world on a bike is like nothing else, and it is one of the best feelings there is.

Portia:  Friendship, competition, speed; wind on my face and burn in my legs

Zabeth:  Because on a good day my legs, my heart, and my breath are in harmony and all is right with the world as I fly along just above the ground.

Laura:  Fun!

Jeanette:  Because it is liberating & a blast.

Liz:  Joy, freedom, fitness, obsession, you name it!

Emily:  Cuz it's a gnarly fun time.

Mona:  Exercise and for fun!

Paula:  Because I feel so healthy and alive!

Agnes:  Because it is a great way to stay fit and active and have fun with friends at the same time!

Jessica:  I ride because I love seeing how far my legs can take me. And I love climbing hills!

Nancy:  It's awesome... like flying like a bird

Laurie:  It feels like flying sometimes! A sense of freedom It's like being a kid again, playing with friends

Sarah:  I ride to keep my mind, body, and soul at ease.

Heather:  Relaxation, fitness, sights, smells, sweat

Michele:  It helps me clear my head.

Brittany:  I love to ride for the workout and to enjoy being outside. I love the reward of a downhill after a difficult climb.

Emilia:  Riding is my freedom

Katia:  To save on hair products. Wearing a helmet does wonders to my hairdo! Also, padded spandexed shorts are the new little black dress! Don't take my word for it, just take a look around you :)

RSC Expedition Team pedals through a peaceful apple orchard in NH.


Seven Cycles at Pioneers Day

Seven Cycles at Pioneers Day

Innovating yet again, Seven Cycles is creating a bike built to recreate the past: to honor and remember those who began racing and who established the culture we now enjoy. And in this very same bike, Seven is doing what's never been done before.

We are the honored ones, to have the deep talent of Seven manifest itself in this one-of-a-kind absolutely amazing bike. This head badge, which incorporates gold leaf, says it all. It and many other Seven spy shots of the bike in the manufacturing process are found on Seven's Instagram feed:

Don't miss this bike on display at the Studio Saturday, June 7th at Pioneers Day. It will be ridden in the 111 mile ride by Fear Rothar, then on display for the rest of the day.

Brunch begins at 7:30, Rides begin at 9am, Party for all is at 6pm. We're also very excited to be joined by Rapha and Rapha Continental riders for the day.

Join in, this is a not-to-be-missed event of the year! Details and RSVP:

Tour of Seven Monday, October 14th

IMG_6984We like going to Seven Cycles just down the street from us in Watertown and we like to introduce Seven to others. This is where the amazing Seven and Honey bikes we display on our showroom floor come to life. Seven has been making the finest bikes for 16 years and their experience shines as they work. It's manufacturing at its best: handcrafted bikes are very carefully and perfectly built one at a time, yet the short lead times show efficiency, and a well-run business full of highly-skilled people who are passionate about what they do. We're heading to Seven this coming Monday, October 14th. The tour of Seven will begin promptly at 12pm. We hope you join us! Please register by 9am Monday so we can give Seven enough notice of how many people to expect. An email will be sent to you with details and directions. We hope you join us!

Night Weasels Cometh to the Studio

Night Weasels Number Pick-Up Party

We're hosting a great party for the Night Weasels on Tuesday.

What is a Night Weasel party?  Take five parts Night Weasels, a hearty portion of Hup United, three parts Chip Baker - only the wholesome parts, add a pinch of Ride Studio Cafe and mix in a large Wellington boot; shake lightly; serve in an inverted cowbell and you've got liquid dynamite.  That's what a Night Weasels party is.

When:  Tuesday, October 4 from 7-10 pm

Where:  At the Studio

Who:  Open to all registered Night Weasel racers and anyone that likes beer, cross, fun, and raffles.

Why:  Kick off the cross season and celebrate the NECX.  Pick up numbers for the Night Weasels race on Wednesday.  Have fun, talk cross, review the mayhem at Gloucester.  Talk strategy for Providence.  And more:

  • Hupcakes:  Yes, Hupcakes!
  • Raffle for racers and watchers.  $500 worth of prizes from the Studio!  Win something before the race even starts!
  • Beer, pizza, & appetizers:  Harpoon is supplying the beer!
  • Cool Cross Bike Display:  The Studio will have about a dozen super-cool cross bikes on display for the evening.
  • Even Cooler Winners’ Trophies:  Handmade trophies for the winners will be on display – to provide more incentive to get the hole-shot.
  • And lots more!  Details to follow.

Learn more:

Please RSVP to the Studio or on Facebook.

Don’t forget to go to the Night Weasels race on Wednesday evening.  See you there.

Book Club: The Lost Cyclist

We're really excited that David Herlihy will be visiting us to read from and discuss his amazing book, The Lost CyclistDon't miss this evening.  We're also hosting a Tweed Ride with the Boston 3 Speed Club before the evening event to get folks in the spirit of the evening.  Hope to see you there.  Details hereWe've postponed this event from the original date because of rain.  We'll post the updated date, soon!  Stay tuned.

Photography Exhibit: Matt O'Keefe

Stay tuned for details on Matt O' Keefe's upcoming photo exhibit at the Studio.  We'll have an opening party and Matt's amazing bike-related photos will be displayed throughout the Studio.   It's going to be interesting, diverse, and definitely worth a viewing or two. We're going to have food and beer, too.