Night Weasels Cometh to the Studio

Night Weasels Number Pick-Up Party

We're hosting a great party for the Night Weasels on Tuesday.

What is a Night Weasel party?  Take five parts Night Weasels, a hearty portion of Hup United, three parts Chip Baker - only the wholesome parts, add a pinch of Ride Studio Cafe and mix in a large Wellington boot; shake lightly; serve in an inverted cowbell and you've got liquid dynamite.  That's what a Night Weasels party is.

When:  Tuesday, October 4 from 7-10 pm

Where:  At the Studio

Who:  Open to all registered Night Weasel racers and anyone that likes beer, cross, fun, and raffles.

Why:  Kick off the cross season and celebrate the NECX.  Pick up numbers for the Night Weasels race on Wednesday.  Have fun, talk cross, review the mayhem at Gloucester.  Talk strategy for Providence.  And more:

  • Hupcakes:  Yes, Hupcakes!
  • Raffle for racers and watchers.  $500 worth of prizes from the Studio!  Win something before the race even starts!
  • Beer, pizza, & appetizers:  Harpoon is supplying the beer!
  • Cool Cross Bike Display:  The Studio will have about a dozen super-cool cross bikes on display for the evening.
  • Even Cooler Winners’ Trophies:  Handmade trophies for the winners will be on display – to provide more incentive to get the hole-shot.
  • And lots more!  Details to follow.

Learn more:

Please RSVP to the Studio or on Facebook.

Don’t forget to go to the Night Weasels race on Wednesday evening.  See you there.