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Quad Cross Race Captured

QuadCross Race 2013 Captured

The first local cyclocross race was this past weekend in Maynard, MA. Yes, cross season is officially here! We saw many familiar faces out racing and watching the festivities. We sent our fearless curator, Patria, out to race with a GoPro on her helmet to show, first hand, what a cross race is all about. Here's a video of a full lap of QuadCross. This was her first cross race in years; she comes with a depth of experience road racing, but very little in cyclocross. Enjoy watching the action in the women's 3/4 field!

Quad Cross 2013 Full Lap from Ride Studio Cafe on Vimeo.

What's Being Ridden:

Bike - Honey Cyclocross

Brakes - TRP Mini-V LP (linear pull)

Kit - SRAM Rival shifters, derailleurs, crankset

Gearing - 36/46 teeth on front chainrings, 12-25 cassette

Tires - Schwalbe Racing Ralph 33c knobby clinchers

Wheels - Mavic Ksyrium Elite

Shoes - Mavic Fury mountain

Tire Pressure - Too much: 45 psi back, 50 psi front. Should be dropped by ~10 to 15 psi each, for our racer who weighs ~130 lbs, dry/dusty course conditions.

Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR), Vermont: Day 0, Day 1 Report

words by Matt Nunnelly photos by Erica Robbins


After braving the horrible traffic of the Boston Metro Area, Alex, Celia, and myself arrived in Vermont.  After picking up registration packets, we drove the TT course and then bought groceries (always delicious).  Eventually, after getting lost on a dirt road for about a half hour, potentially breaking in to a house that isn't the weekend condo, and worrying we may never find a place to sleep for the weekend, we found our house.  Jay and Erica and Toast (the family dog) got in slightly later, while Oscar apparently arrived sometime between yesterday and the start of the Time Trial.

After installing some super sweet number holders for our bikes courtesy of Oscar, we rolled out all aero'd up (minus Oscar) for a TT warmup. The start village (Grand Depart, basically) was pretty well organized, and after a good warmup, Oscar and Jay rolled out.  Eight minutes later, Alex rolled out, and after another 2 minutes of waiting, I was off.  The course seemed pretty challenging, uphill for the first ~2 miles, usually at a pretty steady gradient, with two sections that ramped up to ~10%.  The first ramp was fairly short and I was able to get back into the big ring shortly after the gradient calmed down.  The second ramp lasted until near the top of the climb, where it was slightly downhill the rest of the way to the finish, save one kicker at the end.

After pacing myself fairly well for the first half, thanks to a soulful ballad at a good cadence stuck in my head, I was able to open up more on the downhill.  Due to a tailwind, speeds were pretty high, and the kilometers passed off slightly more rapidly than during the climb. Just slightly.  I almost caught a guy who left before me at the finish, but the racer leaving 30s behind me was farther behind than 30s, which gave me a lot of confidence.  I ended up at 15:25.65, 21st in GC, 1:09 behind the leader (who beat 2nd place by almost 30s).  Hopefully we can focus on the rest of the weekend well - my goal is to finish top 10 on the GC.  We'll have to keep an eye out for the time bonuses in the circuit race and road race, but we're all motivated and ready to go! Jay and Alex finished a tenth of a second within each other's times (16:21.88 and 16.21.98, respectively), and Oscar came in at 16:32.12.

Celia, riding her brand new Honey bike, did very well in the women's 3/4 field, taking second by only ONE SECOND! She's in really good position for the rest of the race, with 15 seconds between her and 3rd, and a super sweet bike that works (!) to carry her to glory.

Join us all in wishing Alex a happy birthday!

As always, have fun be safe!

Additional photos can be found here:




RSC Racers Announce Spring Road Race Schedule (Category 3 Men)

The Ride Studio Cafe men's cat3 team plans to target these upcoming races in Spring 2012!  Other races will be contested as well, but these major races are the focus of much of their training.  Wish them luck, they are often found at the Studio!

The race schedules for the RSC women's team, the endurance team and cat 1/2 men will be published as soon as they are available.


Bayley Takes Newton's Revenge

On Saturday 9 July,  the Studio Team’s John Bayley took 1st place in his age group, and 7th place overall at the Newton’s Revenge Bicycle Hillclimb on Mt. Washington!  As John's riding partner and better half Pamela said, "John had a great ride, finishing seventh on his Seven. Maybe we should get him a Three!"

Congratulations to John for slugging it out on a challenging course in hot and humid conditions.  We are proud to have RSC represented among the top ten finishers in this lead-up to August’s Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb.  We’ll have several Studio Team members participating in that race, and we know that John will be racing to beat his Newton’s Revenge time!

Pamela also rode Newton's and unfortunately it took its revenge.  She tells the story:

"Pamela rode the Pixie Fixie, but has now learned her lesson about making sure everything is tight. About halfway up, the three piece crank came apart. It has a lockring to hold the spider onto the arm. That lockring came loose and suddenly no drive! Pamela walked to the next aid station about 4/10 km away. There the volunteer ham radio folks on motorcycles were able to get the lockring rethreaded and hammered on tight using a couple of screwdrivers! The repair held, and Pamela eventually made it to the top, although not as fast as she had hoped."

Ride Reception Raffle Winner

On 15 May, the Studio partnered with Rialto Restaurant and hosted a benefit for Team Rialto - of Rialto Restaurant - and the Pan-Mass Challenge. The event was dubbed "ride.reception.raffle", and we had a lot of fun raising money for this important ride that benefits the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

We wanted to share with you the experience of one of our raffle winners, Michele Ming Shan Smith. Michele was the winner of an incredible prize: a signed copy of one of Rialto Chef Jody Adams' cookbooks, and a spot for two in one of Jody's cooking classes.

Michele blogged about the experience, and took some amazing photos.

On the day of the first class, Jody took the group to the Cambridgeport Farmer's Market.  The class then headed to Rialto, where Jody taught them how to prepare, grill, and serve the farm-to-table vegetables they'd bought.  Oh, and there was also instruction on how to grill lobster, along with a tutorial how to grill fruit for dessert!   It sounds like one of the best parts of the day for Michele was the eating--and we aren't surprised:

"Ed and I had a great time.  It's been a while since we've gotten to go out for a classy meal ... and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Team Rialto Raffle is ongoing, and you could still win a Seven Axiom SL.  Please contact Rialto to purchase tickets and to support Team Rialto as they raise money for this worthy cause.  And thanks to Michele for generously sharing her experience with us!

A Week of Training Rides - 18-22 April

What:  A week of early season training with Dan Butler. When:  April 18 - 22, Monday through Friday

Start Time:  9 am

Where:  Base-camp is the Ride Studio Cafe

Why:  It is school vacation week!  And it's less expensive than climbing on a plane for a training camp in some remote location; stay here and get some serious early season training with Dan.


  • Please rsvp to Dan at
  • Pack limit:  There is a limit of 20 riders per day so email Dan if you want to reserve a spot in the paceline.
  • These rides are open to anyone as long as they know they can ride the distance and the pace; these rides are not for the beginner cyclist.
  • These rides will adopt the K.I.T. philosophy.
  • Be familiar with the routes and areas in case you wish to turn off at a different point to return home or back to the Studio on your own.
  • Weather:  Rain cancels rides if is below 60 degrees, or if it is really pelting out there.  So 65 drizzle and the ride is on.

Ride Details

[table id=22 /]

We hope to see you there!  It's going to be a great week.

Cape Epic Adventure - Jay Mueller

Ride Studio Cafe Club member Jay Mueller has had a rough beginning to his season--as has one of our Cafe Racer teammates.  The one positive thing about Jay's misfortune is that it allows us to see some incredible images from the race that he was planning on crushing:  The Absa Cape Epic.  The race is a ridiculous eight days of grueling marathon length mountain bike stages in Cape Town Africa.

Unfortunately, as Jay explains, "I crashed out of the most anticipated race I have ever entered and was forced to switch gears...pun intended...and have been shooting around, also trying to get every face that crosses the finish line."

Check out Jay's photography here.

Read more of Jay's Cape Epic exploits here.

We hope that Jay and Alex recover quickly from their racing accidents.  The Club needs them!

Cafe Racers' First Debut - This Weekend

The Start of the Spring Classics in New England is this Sunday in Marblehead at the Michael Schott Memorial Circuit Race!

The Cafe Racers are excited to finally unveil their new kits on the race course. Marblehead is always fiercely contested and tests riders' fitness at this early season classic.

There are a lot of great reasons to race and spectate at Marblehead.  We're trying to add a few of our own:

  • This will be the first race that the Ride Studio Cafe race team will contest as a team and we are thrilled to finally put all those hard winter miles to use.
  • It is the first chance this season to check out the Ride Studio Cafe’s Sul Posto Cafe--our portable "on-the-spot" mini cafe.   Come by and try some great pourover coffee and some light pastries.  The Sul Posto is our cafe away from the Cafe; we can't seem to survive without good coffee within arm's reach.  Our goal is to bring the same great coffee and sense of community people have come to love in Lexington, to the bike racing scene.  The Sul Posto Cafe is a way to get the same great coffee served at the Ride Studio Cafe--but at the bike races.  We hope to be on hand at many of the races that the Cafe Racers contest this season, with our booth, great coffee, and pastries.
  • rOti Cycling's Oscar Jimenez will be on hand with his Club support truck.  Oscar will be offering mechanical support for the Cafe Racers and any Club members who are at the race in need of bike mechanical assistance.
  • We will have an assortment of Clif Bars and other items to help fuel hungry racers and their fans!
  • We'll have a few chairs so people can relax while waiting for a pourover coffee or pre-race brake adjustment from Oscar.

Come by and hang out with us and learn more about the Cafe Racers, the club, and to enjoy some great coffee with us.  See you at the race!