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Honey Bikes values awesome riding and racing that's different - much of it includes dirt, other riding is simply the kind that takes you to amazing places with others who like to get off the beaten path, too! Check out the calendar Honey put together. Hard copies are here on our table - this is worth taping to the front of your fridge. Click on the calendar below to get the full PDF, it's a full calendar, and that's not everything...

Honey Bikes Ride Calendar

Be There: This Saturday is the Harvard General Store Tour

Come This Saturday for the very first ever Harvard General Store Tour!

This is the first-ever cycling event at the Harvard General Store and it's BIG: it's this Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Cyclists will ride from all over to arrive in Harvard between 10 and 10:15am. Between 10:15 and 10:30, group rides of all speeds will depart for a beautiful 31-mile ride covering the roads of Harvard.

Free Food!

The Harvard General Store will be serving free chili and apple cider to riders. They and we will also be passing out free drink cards so that the next time you ride to the Harvard General Store or the Ride Studio Cafe, you will enjoy a coffee or espresso drink free.

Celebrate Cycling!

The Harvard General Store has been a destination for cyclists all around because of its great location and selection of food and coffee. Now, with a new owner and staff who are into cycling, they're fully committed to being the best stop possible for those who arrive on two wheels.

This Saturday is also a celebration of our new partnership with the Harvard General Store! We are supplying them with quality accessories and apparel so that they may offer you everything you need for your bike and for a great ride rain or shine all of the time.

Great Riding!

The Ride Studio Cafe is providing ride leaders for this event. For those riding from the Ride Studio Cafe, groups of various speeds will leave the RSC between 8:15 and 8:25am to arrive in Harvard between 10 and 10:30. An option of returning back to Lexington will be offered for those not interested in doing the 31-mile Tour of Harvard. (The full ride from RSC to Harvard and back is 52 miles. The 31-mile loop option makes for an 83-mile day though 63- and 73-mile options are also available.)


Please RSVP on Facebook if you're on it. Otherwise, RSVP by emailling if you will be in Harvard Saturday so the Harvard General Store knows how much chili and cider to have ready. Plenty of ride leaders and cue sheets will be on hand so no need to decide until Saturday on which group option fits what you want to do.


Schedule of Group Rides from Ride Studio Cafe to Harvard:
ROUTE - from RSC to Harvard & back
8:15am - Fast Group leaves Ride Studio Cafe 19+ MPH (led by KIT) - arriving in Harvard ~10am
8:20am - Moderate Group leaves Ride Studio Cafe - 16 MPH average -
8:25am - Fun Group (no drop) leaves Ride Studio Cafe - 13-14 MPH average


Harvard Tour Ride Times:


31-Mile ROUTE - Includes Bail out options at 11 and 21 miles


10:15am - Fast Group leaves Harvard General Store 19+ MPH
10:25am - Moderate Group leaves Harvard General Store - 16 MPH average
10:40am - Fun Group (no drop) leaves Harvard General Store - 13-15 MPH average
10:45am - Social Group (no drop) leaves Harvard General Store - 10-13 MPH average


Printed cue sheets will be provided Saturday.


Riding Home:


For those riding from the Ride Studio Cafe and are interested in returning to the Studio after arriving, enjoying some food and a little rest at the Harvard General Store (skipping the 31-mile ride option), we will have a fun group ride led back to the Studio. You'll be back right around 12pm. Otherwise, it is difficult to time the various return trips back to the Studio. Group leaders will all be riding back so try to stick with one of them for the return trip or be prepared to do the ride solo. It's all downhill so not a difficult journey back.




Yes, bathroom facilities will be available to all either at the nearby library or at a portable facility. The Harvard General Store is days away from having in-store bathrooms but they won't be ready for the ride.




If you want to drive to the Harvard General Store (map) and ride from there, please park on Massachusetts Ave, next to the store.