Festive 500

Congratulations Festive 500 RSC Riders & Instagram Contest Winners

Congratulations Festive 500 RSC Riders & Instagram Contest Winners

Participation was absolutely tremendous for the 2014 edition of the Festive 500! The number and names of participants (many thousands worldwide) are here on Strava. 28 people who have marked RSC as their club on Strava completed the 500km challenge. Total participation equated to our giving $3,904 to the RSC Ride Conservation Fund! Riders proved that the cold (it was as cold as 20 degrees) isn't much of a deterrent to fun times riding.

Participation in the Festive 500 at Ride Studio Cafe was tracked using ride cards. Those people who got their cards signed for 6 or more RSC rides have been able to redeem them for a very special RSC custom embroidered Rapha jersey which they will receive by the end of the month.

Rapha Festive 500 at RSC - photo - Rob Vandermark

CLJ02-Product-SS14-04Considering the large number of participants and those who hit the 500k goal, we had to trim the list. Here are the names of the top 10 (in kilometers, based on Strava) who rode at least one ride with us during the challenge and accomplished the 500k. Below those names are those who rode 3 or more rides with us based on ride cards and sign-ins. Those who rode 6 or more rides with us are receiving the very special jersey free (this is a $260 value)! These people are all denoted with an asterisk by their names.


Top 10 in Kilometers Ridden

*Scott Teich

*Pamela Blalock
*Henry van der Broek
*John Bayley
*Shane Black-Macken
Don Bishop
Katie Evans
*Rick Treitman
*Jonathan Sainsbury
Evelyn Hale
*Pete Yoest

In Alphabetical Order: Everyone who rode 3 or more rides with us

*Robert Ballenthin
Zabeth Billingham
*Ben Clayman
Rick Gilbert
*Rami Haddad
*Martin Hillion
Jeremy Katz
Matt Maienza
Tim Mathews
Will Matlack
*Bill McKenney
*Mike O'Connor
*Robert Scherzer
Jenny Wojewoda


Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.42.11

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.44.07

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.49.00

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.52.03

Winners of the Instagram contest will receive their choice of one of the following:

  • Seven Spare Tubes
  • Get out of a Nap Drink Card: Good for 10 Free Cafe Drinks
  • Pack of 3 Rouleur Magazines

Thank you to ALL who participated in the Instagram contest! 155 wonderful images were shared throughout the Festive 500 that had the #rscgives tag on them. Click on the grid below to see more!

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.01.01

Fun of the Festive 500 Translates to a Lot of Ride Conservation

Fun of the Festive 500 Translates to a Lot of Ride Conservation

roundelBetween December 24 and December 31, Rapha challenged riders across the globe to ride 500km or more. This year, we took the challenge to a new level: for every rider and ride attended, we donated $20 to the RSC Ride Conservation fund. We also contributed 5% of all Rapha apparel revenue we received for the month of December to the fund. Throughout the Festive 500, we also held Instagram and blog contests. Now we're ready to reveal the total amount raised and winners of our contests!

RSC Ride Conservation Huge Success!

The beneficiaries of the RSC Ride Conservation fund are: The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike), The New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA), and The Lexington Nature Trust which funds the work of the Lexington Conservation Stewards.

Thanks to all of the riders riding throughout the Festive 500 and all of the Rapha appparel purchased here, we are donating a total of $3,904 to be split three ways among these organizations. That's $1,302 each!

We are very pleased to be able to make a significant contribution to each of these organizations to say "thank you" for all of the hard work they do to make our riding lives significantly better.

Blog Contest

Now we introduce to you the winners of our blog contests. The winners receive their choice of one of the following:

  •  $100 voucher for Rapha apparel
  • $100 voucher for new spring tires (redeem at any time)
  • Voucher for 5 bags of retail coffee beans

Winner: Fred Howland

Congratulations to Blog Contest Winner Fred Howland for his Blog Post on his year of riding and he succinctly includes a great account of his Festive 500 adventures.



We are grateful to Fred for sharing his thoughts about riding here. Sometimes it's easy to get into the day-to-day and not realize the overall impact. In Fred's words:


You may have noticed a common thread running through the above rides – Ride Studio Cafe. They created, hosted, publicized, supported, and in some cases, all of the above, every one of the aforementioned rides. In the case of the Pioneer ride, complete with a perfect après-ride party. It’s easy to take things in life for granted, and forget that there was once a time before they existed. I’d been riding about ten years before RSC opened. In that time I’d made a grand total of maybe 4-5 riding friends. [...] Before RSC, there just really wasn't a place to hang out and meet fellow cycling-obsessed people.    Thanks completely to Ride Studio Cafe, I have many riding companions now, am a member of a team, and have a seemingly endless number of group rides to choose from at any time of the year.  This has added immensely to my enjoyment of cycling, and made me love the sport all the more.  The number of epic experiences I've had on the bike, or all the friends I've made directly as a result of Ride Studio would be impossible to comprehensively list here. Suffice to say I've had scores of unforgettable adventures, met countless new friends, and increased my riding level beyond what I ever imagined possible. One of the best things about RSC is, though, at the end of every ride, I have a place to hang out where it  feels like ‘everybody knows your name’.


Cheers to your riding, joining us, and so thoughtfully sharing your experiences in your blog, Fred! Click here to read his whole post.



Winner: Eric Pierce


Eric posted a photo journal of his year of travels, and he made sure to get a bike wherever he was so as to most fully experience each place. This is an excerpt of what Eric has to say:

"I started road cycling about 4 years ago, just before we moved from PA to MA.  I got lucky the summer we moved, and found the Ride Studio Café (RSC).  I don’t know the last names of many of the folks I ride with, but as my wife and daughters can tell you, I look forward to the weekly rides, the camaraderie, and of course the coffee at the end of the ride.  It’s hard to explain why, but being an RSC “café racer” is inspiring.  I ride farther and faster on the RSC rides than I ever thought I could.

I also “ride more often and enjoy it more” since I started riding with the RSC.  This includes renting bikes and riding in the different cities I’ve traveled to for work in the past couple of years."

Thank you for taking us on your travels, Eric, and for riding in the Festive 500 as well as in our group rides on the weekends. We wish you even more traveling and further beautiful adventures upon your bike! Click here for Eric's blog and all of the photos of the places he's gone on bike this past year!

Winner: Pamela Blalock


Pamela has repeatedly credited the Festive 500 challenge and RSC for motivating her to ride at the end of this year. You'll likely agree that her story is motivation exemplified. Pamela has had a long road back from two rounds of surgery in the not-distant-past; not only is she back to riding, she logged 834 kilometers over the Festive 500 challenge. This places her at 173rd of over 40,000 riders who participated in the challenge. She came in 9th amongst women across the globe for the distance ridden!


Her story is epic, she tells of her Festive 500 - beginning with the first one she rode which was the Ride to Redemption in 2011. She includes many great photos in her blog that help tell her story.

Accompanied by husband Fear Rothar, Pamela logged much of her festive riding aboard their Seven tandem.

Pamela found many great photo ops along the way, including this mural in Watertown:



Thank you to Pamela for taking the time to share her story and many riding experiences with us! If you're not aware of her blog, she has told countless other stories of riding and sharing her bike experiences. When you want to stay in and dream about places to take your bike, her writing will likely serve as a bit of inspiration.

Our next blog post will include the Instagram winners and names of everyone who completed the Festive 500! In the meantime, take a look at all 155 photos from the Festive 500 photo contest (all entries were hashtagged #festive500 and #rscgives).

Thank you to all who rode, who participated in the Festive 500 in one form or another. What happened here was tremendous: Great organizations have been helped, so many people ended the year on a fitness high, and groups who rode were as big or bigger than many summer group rides!