Congratulations Festive 500 RSC Riders & Instagram Contest Winners

Congratulations Festive 500 RSC Riders & Instagram Contest Winners

Participation was absolutely tremendous for the 2014 edition of the Festive 500! The number and names of participants (many thousands worldwide) are here on Strava. 28 people who have marked RSC as their club on Strava completed the 500km challenge. Total participation equated to our giving $3,904 to the RSC Ride Conservation Fund! Riders proved that the cold (it was as cold as 20 degrees) isn't much of a deterrent to fun times riding.

Participation in the Festive 500 at Ride Studio Cafe was tracked using ride cards. Those people who got their cards signed for 6 or more RSC rides have been able to redeem them for a very special RSC custom embroidered Rapha jersey which they will receive by the end of the month.

Rapha Festive 500 at RSC - photo - Rob Vandermark

CLJ02-Product-SS14-04Considering the large number of participants and those who hit the 500k goal, we had to trim the list. Here are the names of the top 10 (in kilometers, based on Strava) who rode at least one ride with us during the challenge and accomplished the 500k. Below those names are those who rode 3 or more rides with us based on ride cards and sign-ins. Those who rode 6 or more rides with us are receiving the very special jersey free (this is a $260 value)! These people are all denoted with an asterisk by their names.


Top 10 in Kilometers Ridden

*Scott Teich

*Pamela Blalock
*Henry van der Broek
*John Bayley
*Shane Black-Macken
Don Bishop
Katie Evans
*Rick Treitman
*Jonathan Sainsbury
Evelyn Hale
*Pete Yoest

In Alphabetical Order: Everyone who rode 3 or more rides with us

*Robert Ballenthin
Zabeth Billingham
*Ben Clayman
Rick Gilbert
*Rami Haddad
*Martin Hillion
Jeremy Katz
Matt Maienza
Tim Mathews
Will Matlack
*Bill McKenney
*Mike O'Connor
*Robert Scherzer
Jenny Wojewoda


Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.42.11

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.44.07

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.49.00

Screenshot 2015-01-08 12.52.03

Winners of the Instagram contest will receive their choice of one of the following:

  • Seven Spare Tubes
  • Get out of a Nap Drink Card: Good for 10 Free Cafe Drinks
  • Pack of 3 Rouleur Magazines

Thank you to ALL who participated in the Instagram contest! 155 wonderful images were shared throughout the Festive 500 that had the #rscgives tag on them. Click on the grid below to see more!

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.01.01

Lazer Photochromatic Sunglasses: See Where You're Going...

Lazer Photochromatic Sunglasses 


Screenshot 2014-10-08 11.22.15

Usually, especially at this time of year, my rides will begin when the sun is bright and end long after the moon is illuminating my path. It's nice to have darker lenses for the earlier part of the ride and clear lenses are essential for seeing after dark. There are so many bugs/twigs/random things out there, I worry about the safety of riding sunglass-free. And during the colder months, it's nice to keep the cold air off of sensitive eyes.

I've never been one to bring a second set of lenses for the sunglasses that have interchangeable lenses. I don't quite know how a second set of lenses can survive being switched out mid-ride or even make it that long without being scratched or broken. Besides, I do not want to have one more thing to have to think about stuffing in my pockets before jumping on my bike for a ride.

The best glasses I've encountered that satisfy my need to keep my eyes covered at all times during all lighting conditions while I'm riding are the Lazer sunglasses with crystal photochromatic lenses. There are a few different models to fit well for a variety of people, and they are unisex, as well.

Lazer SS1 Sunglasses

After trying another manufacturer's pair of clear sunglasses a few days ago that caused me struggle to see in broad daylight, though they were perfectly new and clean, I became aware of the importance of the quality of lenses. I'd been taking my Lazer sunglasses for granted. In fact, it was this recent experience that inspired this blog post. Lazer photochromatic glasses offer perfect clarity to see the road or trail, and they change darkness to adjust to light conditions.

The Magneto model has a particularly large lens and with the ability to swap the arms of the glasses with magnetic clasps to hold the glasses to helmet straps, they work really well for someone who experiences the arms of glasses typically pinching or rubbing.



I really like gifting these glasses to friends and family and I've bought a few pairs for myself. At $90 for the SS1 model to $120 for the Magneto, it's not terribly angering if something were to happen to cause the glasses to get lost or broken. It's possible to buy replacement lenses, as well.

Note that whether Lazer sunglasses are shaded a little or a lot, they protect completely against both UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are made of shatterproof PC material. Both of these models of Lazer glasses can also be outfitted with prescription lenses (normal RX lenses fit in a bracket behind the sunglass lens).

Same glasses and lenses, they're just darker since I was out on a sunny ride.


What is Honey?

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 11.08.49 PM blue-honey-road

Honey bikes are proudly displayed on our showroom floor. Honey bikes are special: they are purpose-built bikes that have a lot of spunk.

These bikes have been developed for the kind of riding people want to do. It's simple: it means that Honey has turned people's wishlists of the ideal bike for many different kinds of riding into designs ready to be built. If it seems like Honey does a lot, they do: they offer more bike categories than any other U.S. builder.

The Bee Keepers, also known as the good people of Honey Bikes, have developed the design of each size of each kind of bike offered: 12 in total for almost everyone of all heights. They've done a lot of hard work behind the scenes. And though they have taken care of the intricate details of proper frame design, they allow the rider the latitude to make decisions such as paint colors and choice of components. As a shop, we offer even greater choices in customizing the components to suit you, but Honey starts with a solid set of options. Their recommendations are good ones depending upon your personal preferences.  The Bee Keepers are bike designers and experienced riders and they want you to have that ride you've always dreamed of having without having to stress about the details.


Decide what you want your Honey to do for you. Then see which model Honey has developed that does exactly that. We help you be sure you get the right size bike and then Honey is off building what you want. It's simple.

Honey bikes are made of cutting-edge quality steel tubesets and can be built and delivered in 5 weeks from the date you place your order. Lightweight steel offers a lively, fun ride and it's durable. Come in to demo ride these amazing bikes! Come in Tuesday through Sunday from 11am till close to check out our Honey demo bikes and talk with us about them.

Visit Honey on our Website or Email us (connect@ridestudiocafe.com) for more information or to set up a demo ride.

Check out the Honey Website and the Honey Blog, too!

Bike Safety that You May Not Have Considered

Share the Road signIt's Bike Safety Week and it's naturally a good time to take a few minutes to step back to think about some things that will help you stay safe on your bike. Yawn, you've heard this before. No, these might actually be new to you. Please read on. At the Studio, you'll find a flyer on our community table created by the Bicycle Advisory Committee of Lexington. It describes the various markings on the road for cyclists and cars so everyone is where they should be. Follow the rules when driving a car and a bike, it helps ensure everyone has a pleasant trip.

Are you aware that if you're riding at night you must have a white headlight, red taillight as well as pedal or ankle reflectors? Also, motorists are required to slow down when passing bicyclists and pedestrians. Spend time reading through the flyer with your family.

We enjoy all of the bike traffic that we get at the Studio. Do be sure that when you come and go to not ride on the sidewalks, try to keep them clear of bicycles for pedestrians to pass and if you want to cross the street, walk your bike and use the crosswalk. It's just at the end of the driveway (very near to our front door) and cars are expected to stop for any pedestrians there. Naturally, it's never safe to assume a car will stop so still watch for cars.

It's vitally important for everyone to wear a helmet. Law states that cyclists 16 years old and younger wear an approved helmet. Law or not, we know too many people who have said that their lives were saved because they were wearing a helmet.

No matter what kind of bike that you ride, it's very important to have it checked for safety. We have a safety inspection included with our tune-ups. Are the brake cables fraying? Do you have dry rot on your tire? These are just some of the things to look for and are really important to catch early. When a bike tire blows out, especially if it's the front tire, the cyclist will likely lose control of the bike.

Something that may make sense but isn't good to do is constantly tighten the bolts on your bike. Each bolt should be tightened down to its tension requirement and left that way. It's good to periodically see if bolts have loosened, but continually tightening them ends up stretching them, eventually causing failure and possibly a bad accident.

Wear sunglasses or some sort of eye protection. If you're cruising along and something flies in your eye, it'll be impossible to see for a moment and that could be the difference between seeing a pothole or not.

We have hundreds of small tips to help you have the best experience on a bike possible, never hesitate to ask us anything about bikes or riding (or coffee!). We'll be offering flat-tire changing clinics this spring and summer, let us know if you're interested in receiving notification when they're added to our calendar.