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Cycling Clothing Review: Rapha Softshell Jacket

Without a doubt, the Rapha Classic Softshell is on RSC’s Cycling Clothing Best of the Best list.  It really is one of the nicest cycling pieces we’ve seen.  We strongly recommend it for every wardrobe.
This jacket is great for temperatures ranging from 5-60, depending on base layers.  And, it’s sharp enough even for day-to-day wear.  Photos don’t do it justice, but it does look good on and off the bike.  Here is a partial list of what makes this jacket so great:
  • Men’s and women’s:  The Softshell is tailored for women and men separately, and it is form fitting while allowing for a jersey and base layer to be worn under.
  • Windproof:  It’ll keep out the chill--on and off the bike.  It’s also breathable so you won’t feel like you’re stifling in a plastic bag.
  • Water resistant:  It’ll keep you dry in all but the worst rain conditions.  Water beads up on the fabric; even the zippers are sealed.
  • Keeps you warm:  This piece is deceptively warm.  Deceptive because it’s so lightweight.
  • Cycling fit--not billowy.  The jacket has side panels to improve the fit--when on the bike and off.  The jacket also has “riding position” arm length:  long arms.
  • Understated--hence the word “Classic.”  For all the features and details the jacket has a simple, clean, and stripped down feel to it.
  • Features upon features that greatly improve your comfort on cold and chilly days:
    • Hand fittings:  These keep your arms warm and keeps drafts from going up the sleeves.
    • Sealed zippers and reverse-coiled--for a cleaner look that helps keep out rain.  The primary zipper even has a lockdown to keep it from chattering during riding.
    • Armpit zips:  For when you’re getting a bit warm; these are vital to temperature control.
    • Rubberized shoulder pad--on the black version:  it holds a courier bag in place.
    • Rain flap:  Protects your butt from road spray and folds up when not necessary.
    • Fitted collar:  Doesn’t let wind in but the rider won't choke when in riding position. It even has fleece inside to prevent chaffing.
    • Reflective details:  Some very subtle, yet effective, reflective elements on shoulders, arms and rain flap.
    • 5 pockets
      • 2 zippered pockets to protect your valuables.
      • One pocket that doubles as an mp3 player holder.  Speaking of mp3 players, the jacket has loops to keep an ear piece in place.  These loops are hidden inside the jacket.
  • Black - All women's and men's sizes

If you're a Ride Studio Cafe Club Member, you have the option of getting the jacket embroidered. Ask us for details.









Good matches to the Softshell:

  • Rapha Merino Cap
  • Merino Wool Base Layers (available in short and long sleeve)
  • Rapha Winter Gloves

As always, they're in stock at the Studio--come in and try them on!