Industry Nine UL CX Pillar Carbon TRA 700C

Industry Nine UL CX Pillar Carbon TRA 700C

Industry Nine Wheels

A super innovative company, Industry Nine is one of our primary wheel partners.

Industry Nine offers very high quality, light weight, and durable alloy and carbon wheelsets for road, mixed terrain, and mountain bikes. Their hubs are very highly regarded and are often used by other wheel companies for their builds.

Industry Nine also offers the customization that’s been missed in the wheel world. Now many of their offerings have spoke color options and they mix and match colors to your taste.

We have many sets of demo wheels that we are happy to install on your current bike or if you’d like to try them on one of our demo bikes, we expect that you will feel the difference and see why we are thrilled to be able to offer you these wheels.

We have many wheelsets available for demo in-store.

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