Ksyrium SLS Wheels

Ksyrium has always been synonymous with great overall performance and exceptional reliability. The Ksyrium SL (now called the Ksyrium SLS) wheels are at a perfect cross-section of what defines great wheels: light-weight, high performance (proper stiffness), durable and very competitively priced.

Mavic is known for its top-notch engineering. They've taken it to the next level by trimming off 90 grams making this wheel now weigh in sub 1400 grams!

The Ksyrium SLS wheelset comes complete with lightweight and high-performing Yksion tires.

We highly recommend a demo ride on these wheels to see the difference that a great wheelset can make to your ride.



Key Benefits:

Even more responsive Low inertia: ISM 3D Isopulse lacing and strong Zicral spokes GripLink / PowerLink tyres

Even Lighter Extralight ISM 3D rims New double butted Zicral spokes

Proven Mavic quality and durability Strong rim: Maxtal alloy, Fore drilling High quality adjustable bearings: QRM+

Weight (pair of wheels): 1395 grams front wheel: 605 grams pair of wheels with tyre - WTS: 1935 grams front wheel with tyre - WTS: 875 grams