What You Get When You Buy a Studio Bike

We guarantee the best experience for you is here in purchasing your new bike. This is what you can expect when you buy a Studio bike:


  • Price: Our prices are what you’ll find elsewhere – no more.


  • 1 ½ hour Fitting Session Included:  The Studio offers extensive fitting services. This includes rider fit, parts swapping to optimize fit and cleat setup.


  • Saddle Demo Opportunity: Try a few saddles. Choose the one you like.  
  • One Year Service: With the purchase of a Studio bike, we will take care of anything it needs for one full year.


  • Detailed Information: We are very detailed in our approach so that your bike is ideal for you. We share whatever details you desire with you. Some people want this information, others don't. We give you what you want.


  • Individual Attention: We get to know you and what you want your bike to do for you. We have never delivered two of the same bikes, because no two people are the same. We work with you to determine the best frame, options, components, wheels, saddle, bars, everything to fit your desired ride qualities.


  • Our Experience: We have spent countless years riding and getting to know everything about riding on-road and off. We have gotten to know the great bikes, components, and accessories that work. We've also gotten to know coaches, physical therapists, and other professionals so we can offer you advice about anything cycling-related if you are seeking it.