If there's one thing we like at Ride Studio Cafe, it's good riding with good people fueled up with good coffee. We like it so much, we're doubling the goodness on Saturday, 15 October with the folks who ride from Atomic Cafe in Beverly, Mass.

We'll meet up at the Ride Studio Cafe at 9:45 am, enjoy coffee, then ride to Atomic in Beverly with the group who had originated from there. After more coffee, food and general joviality in Beverly, we'll return to Lexington. Good times, good riding, good coffee. RSC club members will drink a free cup of coffee both here and at Atomic Cafe!



Average ~17 mph. Intermediate & fun. We will re-group periodically so no one gets dropped.


From RSC, we'll make our way to Rt. 62 and take that all of the way to Beverly. There will be a few spots where it'll be important to be single-file and give cars room to pass. Otherwise, it's a beautiful route and not too busy with cars. See the map & cue sheet for the route. (Note: subject to small changes between now and the day of the ride.)

Both legs of the journey will be ~35 miles.

What to bring:

  • Items that too often seem to get left at home:
    • Helmet
    • Riding shoes
    • I.D.
  • Appropriate clothes for changing temperatures.  The difference between the beginning of the ride and end of the ride can be 10-15 degrees.  Be prepared.
  • Tool kit including at least one appropriate tube.  A good toolkit includes:  at least one tube, two tire levers, CO2 cartridge or frame pump, CO2 inflator, patch kit, and multi-tool that includes the basic five tools.  While we won’t leave you behind if you get a flat or mechanical, it is good form to have the tools with you.
  • If the roads are wet put on a back fender that covers enough of your rear wheel so that no one has to eat liquified road grit!

Don’t forget that if you’d like any mechanical help, or service of any kind before the ride, send us an email and we’ll gladly be at the Studio early to help with anything you need on the fly.

Waiver: RSC requires a signed waiver before your first ride.  We will  have waivers at the Studio for you to complete and sign, and you can review a copy of our waiver here.

Parking:  If you’re driving to participate in the ride, make sure that you do not park in the Lemon Grass restaurant parking lot; you will get towed.  Fortunately, there is a ton of parking in the area–and it is really inexpensive.

By the way, here’s where you can find our comprehensive list of weekly rides.

Email us with questions concerning this ride. We hope you'll join us!