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We are summoning the sun, warmth, spring flowers, AND our riding legs through this road ride series that takes place between February 28 and March 8.


The Conjure Series is a set of rides that aims to get everyone into the spirit of road riding outside. The point is to ride, get re-acquainted with your riding friends, and meet new ones. There are ample long and faster ride options coming up in the near future so these rides will be kept to moderate distances and paces.

Each ride will have a leader who is riding 14-16mph. Anyone who wishes to ride faster will be on your own. For the Wednesday Morning Worlds ride, anyone who knows the route and who wishes to go at a much more spirited pace is welcome to do so.

* All routes and distances are subject to change. This series of rides is all on the road. If temperatures or precipitation require any changes, we will update this page. Please be sure to wear the right amount of clothing to stay warm, use the proper equipment for the road conditions, and don't overdo it this early in the season!

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Before joining in a group ride, please read the ride rules. If you've never signed the waiver online, please do that, too. It only has to be signed once.


Sharing in the Fun

The Conjure Series is about the fun of riding. There are plenty of "serious" rides coming up, so the "awards" given will be divvied out in the form of RSC social media attention and crowd-sourced virtual pats on the back.

Street cred will be earned by participating in these rides, and sharing your stories and experiences via Twitter, Instagram, and your blog. The hashtag is #rscconjure (be sure to spell conjure correctly!)

Some of the wacky categories are:

  • Humorous story of riding in a New England winter
  • Best photo of someone who has dressed "appropriately" for the weather
  • Best snowman or other snow structure with a bike in the photo
  • Best story of getting ready for the first ride
  • Photo of your "6am face"
  • Post-ride photo called: "I feel great though I just did something most people consider crazy"
  • Photo of whatever it is that you are conjuring through riding in this series

Start getting your gear together for this great series of rides! We are here to offer suggestions if you're wondering anything from which gloves will keep your hands warm to which drink mix tastes best warm when you might be a little less so.