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Stage Three Results - Prospect Hill Time Trial

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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The weather was good, the course was challenging, and the riders were in good spirits. Stage three was the Prospect Hill Climb Time Trial - The Race of Truth. Okay, fine, all the rides are sort of like time trials but this was the toughest yet: 0.9 miles of climbing with a total of 333 feet gain, the climb tops out at 14 degree slope!  The only positive is that riders got a bit of shade in the 80+ degree sunny weather.  A good "shade doping" day.

Here's what the riders had to say about Stage Three:

::  "I think I am a shoe-in for the lanterne rouge! Great rides--miss drafting" - Lisa W.

::  "My 'pre-dawn doping' pain cave needed a flashlight. actually, it still needs one! - Jonathan L.

::  "That HURT so bad…!" - Matt S.

::  "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!"  - Chewbacca

 And check out Chip Baker's report from the front lines about Stage 3!

Stage 3 notes of importance: [Thanks to Chip and Michele!]

  • Starts right where the parking lot meets the access road. Use the fence/sign as your starting line.
  • Ends at the very top of the hill on the gravel section. Go ALL the way up pass the radar tower on your left and stop at right at the end of the lot before it turns into a trail.
  • Be careful descending the hill. You will pick up speed fast! And there are dog walkers and even cars coming up.

Here are the results - and aftermath - of Stage Three:  Prospect Hill.

Men's Stage Three Standings:  Prospect Hill

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Women's Three Standings:  Prospect Hill

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