Tax Holiday August 17-18, 2019


All single items of $2,500 or less are tax-free on the weekend of 17 & 18 August 2019!

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What this means for you is that each single item, whether or not it’s purchased with other items, is tax free if the value is less than $2,500.01!

It is not necessary to take delivery of the items at the time of purchase, which means if you place a deposit for a bike or parts, all individual parts that are less than $2,500 each are tax-free.

This is an excellent opportunity to do one or more of the following:

  1. Upgrade your bike’s wheelsetIndustry Nine’s new Hydra hub system with their carbon rims and custom colored spokes come to mind.

  2. Put on a new parts kit on your bike — the new SRAM Force eTap AXS wireless drivetrain is amazing!

  3. Order a new bike for the fall or winter — everyone needs a Honey BiFrost snow bike. The snow will be here before you know it!

  4. Put a deposit down for a new winter wardrobe of cycling gear — we have a lot of winter rides planned that you won’t want to miss. The right clothing makes all the difference. Winter gear stocks out early so start preparing now. See 45NRTH for motivation to stay outside this winter.

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If you have a future project in mind, now is the time to pay for the individual parts of it that are $2,500 or less so you can take these items home tax-free.

Interested in getting something(s) tax-free? Please tell us what you’d like and we’ll follow up with you. We ask that you email us in advance of the tax-free holiday weekend as it will be a very busy weekend and in order to transact everything properly, we’ll want to have your items or project scoped out via email. We will process credit cards and take personal checks and cash during the weekend, and transact everything that’s possible after hours.

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Yes - I’m interested in a tax-free purchase

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Phone - Where you'll be reachable over the weekend
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The small print

State law states that if you’ve made a pre-payment or deposit toward an eligible item that you promised to purchase ahead of the holiday, you cannot cancel the order and re-book over the tax-free weekend to avoid paying sales tax.

If you leave a deposit for an item to be received in the future, then choose to have that deposit refunded, you will be charged a 15% transaction fee on the total amount you would like refunded.