Ride Participation Liability Waiver

Please fill out our liability waiver which is required the first time you do any of our group rides or take a bike out on a demo ride. Thank you for your interest in Ride Studio Cafe!

Read Carefully

Thank you for your interest in participating in this and other rides with the Studio.  If you’d like to ride with us, we require that you:

  • Read carefully, agree to, and sign this waiver.
  • Ride a bike that is safely assembled, maintained, and in good operating condition.
  • Wear a safe helmet in good condition, and wear it at all times during the ride.
  • Obey traffic laws and ride safely and courteously.
  • Be in good physical condition so that you can safely complete the ride.
  • Have sufficient health insurance and have made arrangements for assistance in the event of an emergency.

You alone are responsible for complying with these requirements and for making sure that you do not endanger yourself or others.  If you have any concerns regarding these requirements or this waiver, DO NOT SIGN AND DO NOT RIDE.

This waiver is an important document and you are giving up important legal rights and remedies when you sign it. 

You agree that you cannot hold anyone participating in, assisting, or enabling the ride in anyway liable for anything relating to or occurring during the ride; and you agree not to sue them or bring any other legal action against them.  You will reimburse them for any cost, legal fees, expenses or other amounts they may have to pay as a result of you bringing an action or failing to comply with any of your responsibilities under this waiver.  This waiver applies even if the person or persons in question were negligent or in any other way did something they should not have done, or failed to do something that they should have done.

You agree that this waiver and all of its provisions will apply to, among others:  the Ride Studio Cafe and its employees, officers, directors, and shareholders; the Ride Studio Cafe Club and its members, officers, and directors; all other riders participating in the ride; any and all people, clubs, or companies volunteering, sponsoring, providing equipment, food or beverages, or otherwise assisting in the ride.

You agree that: if any part of this waiver is not enforceable, the rest of the waiver will remain enforceable; that the waiver will apply to the current and all future rides you may participate in; and that the waiver and all of your legal rights and remedies associated with it will be governed by the laws and courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You agree to allow the Studio and participating riders to take photographs and video footage of you for the purpose of advertising and promoting the Studio and cycling in general.

Finally, you agree that the opportunity to participate in the ride is adequate consideration for the loss of the rights and remedies you are giving up by signing the waiver.

*The Studio treats your privacy very seriously.  We do not share your email unless you specify otherwise.