Winter Special Performance Package Plus

The Winter Special Performance Package Plus is a great way to get your bike prepared for the spring riding season. The package includes all the incredible service that you expect from our Performance Package, and we also include the labor to replace your drivetrain components, your cables and brake pads, and your handlebar tape - up to $185 in additional labor by a very experienced professional mechanic! The Winter Special is the equivalent of a 4-hour spa visit for your bicycle; it will come out feeling brand new. The breakdown of service is as follows:

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Performance Package

  • Lube and torque all bolts on bike

  • Adjust brakes including pad placement and toe

  • Adjust derailleurs, check hanger, and set limits

  • True wheels

  • Adjust all bearing surfaces

  • Check drivetrain for chain, rings, and cassette wear and compatibility

  • Inspect bike frame, forks, and all parts for wear and damage

  • Full Bike cleaning

Plus, you'll also get:

Drivetrain Replacement

  • Replace worn chain, cassette, and chainrings as necessary

Cable Replacement

  • Replace all brake and shift cables and housing (plenty of color and performance options available)

Brake Pad and/or Rotor Replacement

  • Help your bike brake by replacing these important parts of your bike. Rotors get contaminated and wear down over time. It’s important to catch them before they wear too far. Rim pads wear quickly this time of year, get a new set and save your rims.

Wrap Handlebars

  • Freshen up the look of your bike with new bar tape! Try a new color or nicer feeling tape.

This package is a $400 value for only $250! The Winter Performance Special only covers the labor costs, and all parts are additional. This package will only be available through March 31, so email us now to reserve your bike's spot here.

We offer service packages to bikes that have been purchased from us. We always do what we can to help all cyclists to keep rolling and we do emergency repairs for all cyclists regardless of the bike.