Please fill this out so that we are certain to get you the things you earned by participating in the Adventure 500 in 2018! Deadline to submit this is December 31, 2018.

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Which Custom Frame Stickers Did You Earn That You Want?
Note: We handed out stickers for Ride 1, the second running of ride 1, and ride 2. You're eligible for free frame stickers if you had RSVP'd for the ride and completed it.
Eligibility for the ride incentives is based on the number of Rides you attended. We had passed out punch cards, but at the end of a long day of riding and with people anxious to get home, we missed punching some cards and some of you didn't end up getting punch cards.
If you asked for a t-shirt or vest, please put the size here & if it's a men's or women's cut. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt for $25 (this is our cost to get the shirt printed), please mention that here.
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If we are giving you anything, plesae tell us which store you prefer to pick up at. *

Thanks again for your participation in the Adventure 500 series in 2018! We’re looking forward to more great ride adventures with you in 2019!