Best Service


Our service is second to none. We employ only the top mechanics and spend the time each bike needs without rushing. We focus on the bikes that we sell to offer our customers best-in-class service. We ask that you make an appointment in advance for any work you'd like to have done. Need an emergency repair? We'll do everything we can to fix your bike immediately and get you back outside.

What helps you have a great ride?

The services we provide are all geared toward offering you the best possible ride considering what you want to do on a bike.

Professional Fitting

Our professional fitting services are top notch and consider you as a rider. We start with the position of your cleats and work up from there considering every aspect of your position on the bike and each point of contact. We are confident your ride will be markedly better after a professional fitting with us. All new bike purchases here include a Professional Fitting; it's that important to us that you have one done when getting a new bike.

Make an Appointment.

Bike Service

Nearly every day something interesting and innovative is happening here. Today we're retrofitting a race bike for electronic shifting Di2 components. Tomorrow we might be building a wheelset made to travel the globe. Or it's very likely you will find us building a new bike for a very excited rider!

 We offer many services; here are some of our most popular. Please make an appointment in advance for all non-emergency service work. 

Comprehensive Rebuild

This is our most comprehensive service. We strip the bike down to the frame--and once realigned--we rebuild the entire bike.  We'll make your bike ride better than new.

Professional Overhaul

Your bike will feel like new with more than 3-hours of skilled maintenance and attention to every detail.

Performance Package

Your bike deserves periodic tune-ups by a professional mechanic. Your bike will perform better, it will ride more quietly, and future problems can be stopped before they begin.

Clean & Detail

We'll perform a 7-point safety inspection--and the appropriate adjustments--on your bike, clean and detail the machine, and make recommendations for improvements, if you like.

Service LevelPerformance PackageProfessional OverhaulComprehensive Rebuild
Clean & DetailYesYesYes
BrakesAdjustRemove & lubricate cablesReplace cables & housing

Replace pads
GearsAdjustRemove & lubricate cablesReplace cables & housing
Chain & CassetteClean & oilDegrease & lubricateReplace
Wheels"2D" Truing"3D" Complete Truing"4D" Re-dish Alignment
TiresInspect, fill to appropriate air pressure, cleanInspect, fill to appropriate air pressure, cleanInspect, fill to appropriate air pressure, clean
Bearings & BushingsAdjust AllReplace or repack
Frame & Fork9-step alignment, inspection & improvement

RSC Inspection Points

Service TypeInspection TypeInspection Points
Clean & DetailBasic Safety Inspection1. Brake safety
2. Fork integrity
3. Quick release safety
4. Handlebars and stem integrity
5. Wheel integrity
6. Tire wear, cuts, damage
7. Proper air pressure
Race-Ready Tune-UpHigh-speed safety & performance8. Brake pads: check wear & toe
9. Wheels: "2D" trueness
10. Headset integrity & wear
11. Derailleur over-shift
12. Wheel bearing adjustment
Professional OverhaulPrecision & optimization13. Wheels: "3D" truing
14. Faces & threads of head tube & BB
Comprehensive RebuildPerfection & confidence15. Wheels: "4D" truing & re-dish
16. Frame & fork: Crack & defect inspection
17. Frame alignment: BB alignment
18. Frame alignment: Rear axle spacing
19. Frame alignment: Head tube
20. Frame alignment: Wheel plane
21. Fork alignment: Fore-aft
22. Fork alignment: Axle width
23. Fork alignment: Steerer-to-axle plane

RSC Popular Ala Carte Services

All service prices are for labor work; no prices include parts or materials.

Bike Build -  $413

We professionally assemble Seven Cycles frames and Honey Bike frames with all component gruppos on the market. Price varies depending on the complexity of the build. We include the bike build free with the purchase of a complete bike. 

Wheel Build - per wheel $60

Professionally hand-built wheels made to your specifications. 

Install Tubeless Tires - per wheel $60

If it takes less time, we charge you less. We prepare the rim and get your wheelset ready to be tubeless. We'll add appropriate sealant and ensure each wheel holds air. Mavic tire/rim setups are significantly faster to prepare and run tubelessly. 

Box Your Bike - $90

Includes labor and box, does not cover shipping charges. RSC can take care of shipping and return service, too, if you'd like. 

Un-Box Your Bike - $90

We'll make your bike ready to go. This includes much of the work we do in a tune-up to be sure your bike is road-ready.

Replace a Tube - per wheel $12

Tube replacement. Tube prices range from $7-10.

Replace a Clincher Tire - per tire $12

Includes installation and labor. Tire prices range from $25-85.

Replace Cable & Housing - $18

For either one brake or one derailleur; includes tuning the derailleur or brake. Parts range from $15-30.

Replace Chain & Cassette - $45

Includes installation and tuning both derailleurs. Average parts prices range from $55-115.

There are many local bike shops who service all kinds of road bikes, kids' bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes. We're happy to refer you to one of these shops who will happily do the work your bike needs. Just ask us!