Demo Ride Bikes

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We encourage you to demo ride our bikes when you're evaluating which bike and components are best for you. While the demo bike(s) that you take out might not be perfect for you, these will offer you the ability to feel frame materials, wheels, tires, and the feel of shifters in your hands. Your feedback from the demo ride is exactly what we need to get you on a bike that is perfect for you.  

We are confident that you'll enjoy the demo riding process. We work closely with you to be sure you're riding the demo bikes that are sized appropriately for you and are of the materials you want to feel. 

Demo riding isn't a required part of the process; we sell many Seven Cycles bikes and Honey Bikes without a demo ride as part of the process. However, we know how many times people have been uncertain about what they're looking for and the demo ride answers so many questions as to what the right frame and components are. 

Demo riding is free and we are available 7-days a week to get you out on a demo bike. We encourage you to demo for as long as you want to ride and in the places you normally ride. Ask us for further details and to schedule a demo ride on any of our bikes by filling out the form below! 

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