Welcome Spyhouse Coffee!

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters now on the bar!

We’re welcoming Spyhouse Coffee as our guest roaster for this cycle! They are an up-and-coming roaster from Minnesota and with 5 shops already in the Minneapolis area. And being from the northern US, they are as familiar as we are with harsh winters and keeping their passions alive no matter what the conditions are outdoors. As an established farm-to-cup operation with their own roasting facility in Northeast Minneapolis, Spyhouse has developed strong relationships with farmers in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Columbia, Kenya, and Brazil. What we have on our menu at Ride Studio Cafe currently are two delicious pourovers (and these will rotate!): the Chelbassa from Ethiopia and Finca Angelina (or ‘Fangelina’ as our coffee guru Ike likes to call it) from Costa Rica. The Chelbassa is an exhilarating cup that brings forth notes of apricot, elderflower, and if you look for it a little bit of lemonade. The Finca Angelina is a soft cup with a tea-like body. Notes of elderberry and aged rum are present with a lingering grapefruit zest to balance it out. We will also be featuring Orion, their signature blend, in our espresso drinks. Come in and enjoy any one (or all!) of these delicious drinks.

Celebrate the Holidays Together with the Good Friends Gathering Ride

Wednesday, December 26 we’re hosting the Good Friends Gathering!

This is a fun 100k road ride sandwiched by hot oatmeal and coffee before the ride and a tasty bowl of sweet potato and lentil stew afterward. Food is free for all who RSVP by 5pm December 23.

Meet The One Bike That Does It All And The Rider Who Proves It

The Seven Cycles Evergreen is the embodiment of versatility. Essentially, the Evergreen is a disc brake bike with drop handlebars and clearance for 40c tires on 700c wheels or ~50mm tires on 650B wheels. A typical Evergreen has a bottom bracket lower than a traditional cyclocross race bike for greater stability, and is designed for long-riding comfort on rough surfaces as well as nimbleness and ease in mixed terrain settings. Evergreens make great road bikes, they also are found on rough, challenging single track.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 5.56.40 PM.png

The Evergreen evolved out of the desire to do more and to take on new terrain. Well-suited for gravel roads, dirt single track, and long days in the saddle, it is a true adventure machine. Seven officially introduced the Evergreen in 2013; it is now one of the most popular options for Ride Studio Cafe clients because it allows them to do so much with a single bike.

When creating a custom frame, the performance designers at Seven take into account what a rider will do with his or her new bike. The rider's various desires and cycling disciplines are only one part of what helps to determine the bike's ride characteristics and qualities. But with a Seven, the bike influences the rider just as much the rider shapes the bike. A Seven will inspire its rider to take on new challenges one never thought possible. Owning an Evergreen is a provocation for adventure. 

Henry v. is a long-time rider at the Studio who has achieved a great deal with his riding. We remember the day he walked in and told us, "I want to become a cyclist." This was a pivotal moment.   Henry grew with us as a rider and became a member of the Ride Studio Alliance. He now regularly leads our group rides as a Super Domestique.  His crowning achievement was participating in the 2015 edition of Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1200km randonnee. 

Henry was one of our first clients to purchase an Evergreen when they were initially offered by Seven. At that time, many features now considered commonplace, such as disc brakes and a tapered head tube, were new to the cycling industry. Henry was primarily looking for a bike that would be used for randonneuring. The Studio's process of working with riders to create bikes that anticipate their future needs, however, landed Henry a bicycle that could do so much more. Four years later, we sat down with Henry to talk about his experiences and how his Evergreen has shaped him as a rider. 


Henry's Build Kit

  • Frame: Evergreen SL, Custom
    • 44mm headtube
    • ENVE CX Fork
    • Seven L1 Half and Half Paint Scheme
  • Shimano Ultegra 6800 Group
    • Chris King Threadfit 24 bottom bracket
    • CX77 mechanical disc brakes
  • Ride Studio Cafe Custom Wheelset
    • Schmidt SON28 Front Dynamo Hub
    • White Industries CX11-135 Rear Hub
    • Velocity Blunt SL Rims w/ DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes
    • Clement X'Plor MSO Tires, 700c x 40
  • Support Package
    • Seven Aluminum 3D Forged Ultralight Stem
    • Seven Aluminum Ergo Bend Ultralight Handlebar
    • Seven Titanium Custom Seatpost
    • Chris King Inset 7 Headset
  • Contact Points
    • Fizik Arione Classic Saddle
    • Fizik Endurance Tacky Tape
    • Shimano PD-8020 Pedals

Cal: Henry, what led you to the Studio? 

Henry: Originally, coffee. I live near Lexington center and my wife and I would walk to the library and after enjoy a nice coffee and admire the beautiful bikes at RSC. I had never ridden a road bike, and Patria asked me if I wanted to try one out.The first time I rode one it was like flying; it was so easy--so smooth compared to the city bikes I had been riding. I was hooked on cycling. 

Cal: What inspired you to become a randonneur? Did you know immediately that was what you wanted to do? 

Henry:  It started slowly. In the fall of 2011, I was doing rides by myself. At some point, I starting doing the KIT rides. That was a real eye-opener in terms of pushing myself and going farther. We went to Harvard every Saturday and that was definitely faster and pushed my limits.  That was also the first year of the Festive 500 Challenge. The day after Christmas I did a Studio ride with Pamela and John to Mount Wachussett.  It was a very cold day and I had never ridden with them before. The farthest I had ridden up to that point was maybe 50 miles, and that ride was 85 miles!   

Then I learned about the New England Randonneurs. The first year I did a 100km, 200km and 300km. The 300km was very memorable because it rained the whole time. I was still using my Scott road bike, which was definitely uncomfortable.  

The Evergreen is undaunted by riding in the snow on Overland Basecamp's Wintertide Ride.

The Evergreen is undaunted by riding in the snow on Overland Basecamp's Wintertide Ride.

Cal: What is it that you like about randonneuring?

Henry: Brevets are a combination of challenge, adventure and opportunity to ride in new areas and meet new fellow cyclists. It also turns out to be a good way to test your willpower, creativity, grit and get in (or sometimes out of) tune with your body. 

Cal: When did you decide to buy a Seven? 

Henry: A half year into cycling, I knew I wanted to buy a Seven. I did not feel my current bike would be a good bike to do PBP. Ride Studio has a close partnership with Seven. It was built locally here in Watertown; they are custom tailored; I know a number of folks that work for Seven, and it was the beauty of the bike that made me go into cycling in the first place. And, of course, it is a very well made, reliable, easy to ride, beautiful bike. I ordered the Evergreen in early 2014 and planned to ride PBP in 2015. I was planning to do a 1000k in the Summer of 2014 in Virginia that took me thru Shenandoah and Blue Ridge mountains. 

Cal: Tell me about the process of getting your bike - what inspired your choices? What was it like working with the Studio? 

Henry: At the time, I was starting to do more rides with dirt and gravel and my first bike could only handle 28mm tires, so I was looking for more clearance. I also wanted to do longer brevets that required installing lights, fenders, and bags in a reliable way. Other choices were the disc brakes. We had an interview discussing my requirements including a hub generator in the front wheel, extra bottle cage under the down tube, and we had a fitting session. We had some discussion on the color. I liked a certain orange on a bike that was hanging in RSC. Hence my Evergreen's nickname everOrange. When the bike was built, I saw the actual frame being welded in the Seven factory in Watertown. There were a lot choices, but RSC helped me to get through that and came up with the right options for me.  

Henry regularly leads a Holiday Ride Series for the Studio and logs many miles in all temperatures and conditions.

Henry regularly leads a Holiday Ride Series for the Studio and logs many miles in all temperatures and conditions.

Cal: Did you find it challenging to prepare for PBP? 

Henry: Not really – the nice thing is that the brevet series builds on top of itself. I felt really well prepared.  The only thing that was challenging during the event itself was the sleep deprivation – which I had not encountered before. I think that jet lag was a factor. I barely slept the night before the start. Next time I will probably get there a week ahead of time to acclimate to the time difference and also focus on getting more sleep during the ride. I’m thinking I'll do to it again in 2019. The atmosphere was just so good last time. I’ve never seen anything like it – just so many cyclists. And the enthusiasm from the towns that you go through – people were cheering along the route. You see people sleeping in ATM booths, on the side of the road. People even put mattresses on their front lawns for riders to sleep on.

Henry on course during the Paris-Brest-Paris 2016

Henry on course during the Paris-Brest-Paris 2016

Cal: How has your Seven Evergreen changed you? 

Henry: It has made me a better, confident rider. Long road rides, fast gravel descents, cyclocross races; my everOrange is there. Cyclocross racing came out of mixed terrain riding. The first one I did was Orchard Cross which got me hooked. It had a great vibe – all the good things that I enjoy.  My Evergreen’s disc brakes give me a lot of control. I switch my Evergreen’s gearing. For randoneeuring I have a 52x34 in the front and in the back an 11-32, which is really needed for the long climbs. For cyclocross, I’ll switch to a short cage rear derailleur and use a smaller cassette and only use my small chain ring.

With a few simple changes Henry adapts his Evergreen for cyclocross racing.

With a few simple changes Henry adapts his Evergreen for cyclocross racing.

Cal: What do you want to do next? Future goals? Any new bikes on the horizon?

Henry: This year I will do another 1000k, probably Nova Scotia this summer, next year hopefully another PBP and I am working with my friend, Beppe Salerno of Tourissimo, on a project to do gravel riding in Tuscany on the Strade Bianchi. (Check out our Italy cycling trip in partnership with Tourissimo here) Longer term, I hope to do more brevets in other parts of the US and Europe. No other bikes yet. I am not a n+1 person. I do have 3 sets of wheels for the everOrange and even more tire choices and since last year started to explore tubeless setups. That upped my cyclocross game a lot, and I also love the Barlow Pass 38c tires setup tubelessly. I have been eyeing the Fat bikes and the Seven Red Sky with electronic shifting, maybe some day….. 

Cal: What in your mind is the most special thing about your Evergreen? What makes it unique? 

Henry: The versatility. I can use it in all these different disciplines and it still performs really well.

New adventures ahead....

New adventures ahead....

Welcome Broadsheet Coffee Roasters


We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our newest guest roaster, Broadsheet Coffee Roasters from Cambridge MA. Named after the large-size format of newspaper first printed and distributed in Cambridge, this brand-new business is becoming one of the most well-regarded coffee roasting companies here in the Commonwealth.

As complete and utter coffee nerds, we always make sure to check out any new and hyped coffee business in our area. We were struck by their friendly, knowledgeable staff, and as soon as we sampled their product in both drip and espresso, we knew they would make an excellent guest roaster for our cafe. Sticking to a medium-light roast profile, Aaron, the founder, sources impeccable green coffee and is a truly committed and thoughtful roaster. 


Aaron MacDougall is the founder of Broadsheet Coffee, and is their main roaster. His skills have earned his coffee several awards in 2017. He and his Lead Barista John Yee were recently in New Orleans competing at the US Coffee Championships. John is competing in the brewer's cup with the Ethiopia Kochere that we will be serving as a pour over. We are excited to see how it places! 

Come to Lexington to enjoy a cup!



What to love about Verve Coffee

Spotlight on Verve’s Nano Challa Roast offered in our Pour Over Bar

Verve Coffee Roasters is Ride Studio Cafe’s current guest roaster and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy what Verve has to offer before we rotate to our next guest mid-January.  

Verve Coffee is a globally recognized roaster, with cafe locations from its origin in Santa Cruz, California, to Tokyo, Japan. Verve embodies the positivity of its local California surf and sun while also championing its international Farmlevel community initiative, ensuring that every hand in the growing and roasting process is supported. Verve’s attention to detail, fair trade focus, and wide selection of roasts from around the world has made it among the most popular choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Verve’s Nano Challa is a current pour over favorite at the Ride Studio Cafe–an Ethiopian single origin blend with notes of wildflower honey and nectarine, named after the modest Nano Challa washing station in the Gero Woreda region. Harvested in the moist winter season, then dried and elaborately hand stirred, the intricate flavor makes for a unique experience with every sip.

Perfectly paired with a slice of lemon tea bread from our studio location or purchased by the bag for your morning cup at home, Verve’s Nano Challa is for the adventurous coffee lover.

Holiday Rides with Henry 2017

Holiday Rides with Henry is back for 2017! If you are looking to end the year with great rides and good company, join us out on the road during the week of December 24 through the end of the year.  We are riding some of our favorite routes with great food stops along the way. We are even bringing back the traditional Snowflake Century – a one hundred-mile ride in the shape of a snowflake!

If you complete the whole series you will be rewarded with a grand total of 437 miles in an eight day span – an awesome way to finish your season. All rides will start and end at the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington, MA. See below for mileage and GPS routes.

All rides roll out from Ride Studio at 8:30am except the snowflake century on Saturday, 12/30. The average pace of each ride is 17mph except Friday, 12/29 which is 16mph.

  1. Sunday, 12/24: To Blue Moon Cafe in Medfield MA – 58 miles* – (.5 mile gravel section)
  2. Monday 12/25: Christmas Day. No official ride.
  3. Tuesday, 12/26: Woodmans in Essex – 80 miles* – (1 mile gravel road)
  4. Wednesday, 12/27: Stow– 40 Miles
  5. Thursday, 12/28: Ride Headquarters in Sherborn – 60 miles
  6. Friday, 12/29: Pioneer Metric Ride, dirt roads included! – 16mph, 63 mi
  7. Saturday 12/30: Snowflake Century – 100 miles (Departs 7:30am – Cafe opens at 7am for riders)
  8. Sunday 12/31:  Henry’s Hindmost Ride – 36 miles

A few things to remember:

  • If you haven’t filled out our Ride Waiver, you must do it online here prior to attending the first ride.
  • Please carefully read and be ready to ride by our Riding Rules.
  • All rides will depart from RSC at 8:30am with the exception of the Snowflake Century which will roll out at 7:30am. Cafe opens at 7am for riders.
  • The Cafe will be open for food and drinks at the start of the rides. However, our bike shop employees will not be available. If you need something before the ride, please email us a day in advance.
  • These are drop rides. The average pace of the rides is 17mph. If you cannot maintain the pace of the group you will need to find your way home. It is fine if you would like to see if you can hang with the group, just communicate with Henry if you need to drop off of the ride at any point.
  • Please consider the weather when choosing your tires. We recommend fenders for wet conditions.
  • All the rides’ routes and distances are subject to change depending on weather and road conditions. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Make sure you are well-equipped for the cold and wintry conditions. At Ride Studio we have a great selection of new winter apparel from our friends at 45NRTHCafe du Cycliste, and Velocio that is sure to keep you warm and comfortable out on the road. We have great options for studded tires, a must-have for riding on icy roads.

We look forward to finishing 2017 with you in style! Have fun and ride safe.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Ride Studio Cafe!

Cafe du Cycliste is Here

Enhance your cycling life with Cafe du Cycliste cycling apparel

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Cafe du Cycliste cycling apparel based out of Nice, France.

Cafe du Cycliste creates men’s and women’s riding apparel for the cyclist who wants to be comfortable while riding, fashion forward on and off the bike, and who wants to experience the best textiles and cycling apparel design in the industry.

Come in to try on Cafe du Cycliste, we’ve got a big selection of fall and winter apparel in stock – available first thing in the morning December 8. We are the only New England Cafe du Cycliste retailer and one of four nationally. We’ve got a great selection of sizes, colors, and styles, and we are happy to special order most items for you.

Color and Reflectivity

Aside from the quality and attention to fit and functionality for cyclists, we are particularly impressed with the colors and reflective details on Cafe du Cycliste’s apparel. They’ve embedded reflectivity into many of their jerseys and jackets. Their colors are classic, and fabrics are focused on soft, high-performance merino wool, and other fabrics chosen carefully for their intended use.

Here is their Alphonsine jersey made for cold weather riding. It has color, wind-proof front panels, comfortable fabrics, and reflective details on the back. If you prefer darker colors, those are offered, too.

Here is their Alphonsine jersey made for cold weather riding. It has color, wind-proof front panels, comfortable fabrics, and reflective details on the back. If you prefer darker colors, those are offered, too.

The CDC Audax Windproof Cycling Gilet shows off color, style, and a whole lot of reflective details, including side reflectivity strips not seen here.

The CDC Audax Windproof Cycling Gilet shows off color, style, and a whole lot of reflective details, including side reflectivity strips not seen here.

These are available for both men and women in all sizes. Come in to try these and many, many other pieces on!

Don’t forget to ask for them for holiday gifts! Our next order is being placed December 11 at 10pm EST. Be sure to let us know what you want before then. We will confirm with you when we have your order in hand.

Why Purchase From Us?

We place orders from the France-based Cafe du Cycliste two to four times every month. We will keep you posted of future order dates. Therefore, tell us what you want and we’ll get it ordered and to you with no duties or shipping & handling fees. We take care of warranties so you don’t have to deal with it, though we expect there to be very few as the quality of these garments is top notch.

What item(s) are you interested in?

Let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll let you know if we have it on our shelves. If not, we’ll offer you the opportunity to special order through us. If you order the wrong size, we’ll offer you the chance to exchange it for a different Cafe du Cycliste item of the same value and a size that will suit you.

Come on in to check out the awesome new offerings made possible by Cafe du Cycliste!

Welcome Winter Party & 45NRTH Limited Edition Launch

This Thursday, October 19 at 7pm, we are throwing a party!

Come out to WELCOME WINTER with a Ride Studio party! This is a 45NRTH limited edition introduction of something special which you will be the first to see. There will be ultra limited extra somethings that go to a select few people.

group_riding_snow (1).jpeg


We have all sorts of cool winter stuff to show off, and you can pick up what you need now from all apparel, to bike gear and more. Get ready before the weather turns so you are ready for the First Snow Ride (yes, that is happening again this year). Be sure to follow #rscfirstsnow.

We have winter bike promos for Honeys and Sevens only available for those who come out to this party. We love winter riding and this is the year you discover how fun, enjoyable, and easy it is to keep riding through the Hot Drink Season! Bring your friends, winter is even more fun when shared! We’re serving tasty beer and light refreshments. Please RSVP!

Bikepacking Bikes Promos

This month and next, we’re talking even more about bikepacking than usual, and we’re offering all of the information that you need to get into bikepacking. If you’re already into it, surely you’re excited to see more people taking up this really fun activity to see the world – be it local or thousands of miles away – by bike.

Check out our Bikepacking page on this site. There is a lot to know where it comes to getting ready, routing, navigation, cooking, hydration, sleeping, packing, gearing, and much more. The bike is the most fundamental part of bikepacking. While bikepacking isn’t about the bike, the bike allows the trip to happen; a well-designed, well-built bike allows the rider to completely forget about it and think about being in nature, and being most concerned about what’s for dinner.

We’re running two specials for bikepacking bikes. Bikepacking bikes often double as great winter bikes, and warm-weather trail bikes, so getting a fun bike for bikepacking should mean you get a lot of great use of it throughout the year in many different riding situations.

Honey Bikes Packmule

The steel Honey Packmule is Honey’s all purpose bikepacking machine.  The Packmule can go just about anywhere and handle just about anything.  It’s not the fastest bike that Honey makes but it is the bike that promises the most adventure per mile.

Whether you’re planning an overnight adventure, or a two-month traverse one of the Seven Continents, the Packmule is always ready for more. It sports clearances for 2.5″ mountain bike tires, offers lower than a 1:1 gearing ratio, parts that are easily accessible for on-trail and small-town fixes, steel fork with mounts for Anything cages for carrying gear securely and quietly, and many frame options as well as 12-different size options. More design features of the Packmule are on the Honey Packmule page.

Honey Bikes Packmule Special: 

  • Frameset: Clover Steel frame & Fork
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra R8000
  • Brakes: Shimano Mechanical Disc
  • Wheels: HED Ardennes GP
  • Retail Price: $4,995

Special Bikepacking offer: -$700

Your Price: $4,295

In addition to this special price, you’ll receive:

  • A $200 voucher for bikepacking gear
  • Free registration for our upcoming bikepacking overnight adventure
  • The Joe Cruz Bikepacking booklet
  • Guaranteed 7-week delivery
  • Numerous upgrades and options are available

Seven Cycles Treeline

The Seven Cycles Treeline is a fat bike, a 27.5+ bike, and a 29er mountain bike – if you want it to be all of these things. It’s made for carrying as much or as little as you want. It will over any surface no matter how off-off-the beaten path you are. It’s built of titanium so it’s worry-free, there’s nothing it’s not up for doing. As with all Seven Cycles bikes, it’s fully custom to your bikepacking desires. You choose the handlebar type – drop or mountain, gearing, drivetrain, frame options. Have it S&S coupled it so that you can fly with it to the start of your next bikepacking trip. Add fender mounts if you would like the option. Add a third bottle cage mount. Ask for the triangle to be as big as possible – to fit a frame bag. The geometry of the bike is made for you – and how you’ll be loading the bike. It ensures your weight and that of the bike are balanced, offering you the best handling possible. The vertical compliance of the frame and ride qualities are set for what you expect in your ride, whether it’s loaded or not. When you jump on your bike, and it fits like a glove, no matter what kind of load on the bike, it’ll feel like it’s rolling easily, comfortably, and you’ll have an amazing ride each time.

Joe Cruz uses his Treeline for bikepacking the world. Here his Treeline is in Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Joe Cruz.

Joe Cruz uses his Treeline for bikepacking the world. Here his Treeline is in Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Joe Cruz.

Seven Cycles Treeline Special: 

  • Frameset: Titanium custom frame, steel for
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8000 1 x 11
  • Brakes: Shimano hydraulic Disc
  • Wheels: HED Ardennes GP
  • Retail Price: $6,495

Special Bikepacking offer: -$700

Your Price: $5,795

In addition to this special price, you’ll receive:

  • A $400 voucher for bikepacking gear
  • Free registration for our upcoming bikepacking overnight adventure
  • The Joe Cruz Bikepacking booklet
  • Guaranteed 4-week delivery
  • Endless custom options available

Both offers good through October 31, 2017.

Email us at bikepacking@ridestudiocafe.com for more information about our bikepacking bikes and to demo any of these or other demo bikes here. Learn more at www.ridestudiocafe.com/bikepacking. Join us out in nature on bikes!

Conjure Ride – Sunday, February 26

Join us for the Conjure Ride 2017

Join in helping us Conjure the spring and spring riding this Sunday, February 26 at 9:30am. We’re riding 60 miles on paved, beautiful, mostly back roads down to Sherborn for mid-ride coffee and light, warm food then returning to Ride Studio Cafe for a nice brunch.


There are three ride paces from which to choose. Get your road bike out, and ready for the ride.

Group ride in the early spring. Photo by Jenny W.

Group ride in the early spring. Photo by Jenny W.

When you RSVP, you’ll receive the route in your email.

Please RSVP now, see below, so we have the proper amount of food at both locations and ride leaders!

The spring is almost here and the Conjure Ride helps encourage Mother Nature to bring back the warmth, the birds, and the beauty spring has to offer riders.

If it’s been months since you’ve taken your bike out on the road, please look your bike over carefully for tire wear, check the brake pads, make sure all of the bolts are properly tightened, be sure to lube and clean the chain. If your bike is dirty, clean it. Cleaning is important to identify any potential issues with frame or parts.

Take out your flat fix kit and look through it: does your spare tube hold air? Be sure of it, check to see if your CO2 cartridges have air in them, and if everything you expect to see in there is really there.

If you’d like our assistance with any of this, please email us at connect@ridestudiocafe.com.

download (2).jpeg

There will be a stop for coffee and warm food half-way into the ride at our other store, Ride Headquarters, in Sherborn. Brunch will be awaiting you upon your return to Ride Studio Cafe.

All riders are required to read and are expected to abide by These Rules.

We require a signed waiver before your first ride of the year.  Please fill it out online prior to your first ride with us this year – we want to be sure all of the information is up-to-date and accurate, so if you’ve filled it out before, please do it again.

We look forward to riding with you Sunday!

Watch Albert Cook’s Photographic Journey Across the US

Experience Albert Cook’s Photographic Cycling Journey Across the US

We are thrilled to have Albert Cook, an award-winning, published photographer, and avid recreational cyclist come speak and present 90 minutes of photos he took on a cross-country bike trip he completed last summer. Join us on February 22 at 7:15pm to hear Albert tell his story of how he was invited by Ellen Wilson, a family friend, to go on this big cycling trip. Without thinking or a moment of hesitation, he said yes without consideration of his normal life and decided to go.  He will discuss how he took on this very long ride without months of preparation, and how he managed to complete it on a small budget. He will tell of the wonders he saw along the way, and show what it’s like to ride across the U.S. taking it one day at a time.


At 70 years old, Albert is still on a trip of self discovery, and is very much enjoying discovering the world. We have been fortunate to see Albert on countless rides as he pedals up here from Arlington anytime he has a chance. We see ourselves in Albert: he works hard, he loves to ride, and he is human. By this, we mean that there are some people who you expect to break a record each time they get on a bike. There are those who don’t appear to feel pain, or need the typical creature comforts in life like food or sleep. You know who we’re talking about. In Albert, we hear a story that we, normal humans who love to spend time on a bike, could be telling.

He will talk about how he approached a monumental task and made it happen. His story is filled with rich photography that he captured along his journey. It’s the cross-country tale in full color that people rarely see or hear. Albert has been a photographer for over 48 years, and his images take us directly to the beauty he found.


How does it feel to ride day in and day out? Is there a time when it becomes too tiring to continue? How do you find adequate food and water along the route? Where do you sleep? Ask Albert the questions you have in the Q&A after his photo presentation. Be ready to be in awe of our beautiful country, and of this ride. We are so fortunate Albert has taken the time and energy to capture his ride and prepare it to share with all during this very special evening.

  • Wednesday evening, February 22
  • Happening here at Ride Studio Cafe, Lexington Center
  • 7pm – Appetizers and drinks are served
  • 7:15pm – Albert’s talk begins
  • 15 minute Q&A

If you have further questions for Albert, feel free to stick around, doors will be open until 9:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you here for this very special evening!