RSC Name-checked on Racejunkie

We recently came across this ode to the Public J7 on Racejunkie's incomparable blog.  We were honored to be included in one of her creatively crafted couplets!  Here is an excerpt:

An Ode to My Public J7

My J7 is a dashing steed, It glides along at perfect speed, Encompassing a ride in haste, Or a meander, to my taste, Drawing gawks from dazzled peasants, Humbled by its gloried presence.

You lit up ridestudiocafe, On a dull and sunless day, In your coat of gleaming latte, You were truly quite a hot-te...

As Racejunkie illustrated so well, The J7 is perfectly suited for tooling around Lexington and the surrounding environs this summer.  It's ergonomically astute, beautifully designed, and will make other riders and pedestrians stop and stare in amazement—with just a tinge of envy —as you cruise on by.  Stop by the Studio this weekend to see what Racejunkie and other Public enthusiasts are raving about!