Happiness on the bike this fall is...

Happiness on the bike this fall is...

...dressing right for the weather.  All it takes to be perfectly comfortable on slightly cooler, more brisk rides are a few more pieces of well-made clothing and happiness on the bike can almost definitely be assured!

Our model, smiley Stan, is showing off Rapha arm and knee warmers which very effectively extend the time you can comfortably wear your summer bike clothes. During this time of year, it might be chilly at the start of a ride, but when the day warms up, it's easy to adjust the layers without being burdened by too many extra clothes.

Stan is also sportinglong-fingered gloves and shoe covers - these items keep the fingers and toes comfortable throughout most of the coldest weather.

Add to this ensemble a light wind vest (jacket without sleeves) and viola! A full fall of cycling through gorgeous New England is yours. We've got everything here and more at the Studio: come by to check out our tested and true selection. We have years of experience of riding in all conditions so we have some helpful advice to offer on riding and bike setup for inclement weather, as well.

Before you go out and after you return from a ride, what better way to warm up from the inside than a latte, cappuccino or fragrant loose-leaf tea? Right now, enjoy coffee from Sterling coffee roasters. We always have a great line-up of outstanding and interesting coffee and espresso drinks as well as a tea menu that ensures a big smile on your face.