Today in Coffee

Happy New Year! The snow has passed,  the sun is shining, and it is a wonderful day to get out of the house and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. pour inToday we are serving up George Howell's Soledad Espresso, a wonderfully roasted Guatemalan bean. This espresso presents with flavors of apple and pear and sweet brown sugar.  We are also serving our standard decaf espresso, a Costa Rican coffee by George Howell, with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and walnuts. Both of these espresso options are available as whole bean retail bags as well.

Our drip coffee options today are brought to you by our guest roaster, Ceremony Coffee Roasters of Annapolis, Maryland. Our first pour over option is Wazzala, a Ethiopian coffee with aromatics of dried apriocot and tropical fruits that transform into a delightful combination of darjeeling tea and lemon zest in cup. Our second option is a Vintage Holiday Blend of Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Mexican coffees that come together in a fruity and festive cup.

Ceremony's Wazzala is currently available for home brewing, along with the espresso's listed above and a Ethiopian drip from George Howell, Deri Kocha (one of my personal favorites) which presents with tastes of jasmine, honey, and white peach.

With the new year come new coffees! Keep your eyes peeled for changes in the coming weeks. Soon we will be shifting Ceremony to the role of espresso and once again serving George Howell drip coffees.

Come on by for one of these excellent coffee options and a bowl of our newly available oatmeal, topped with a choice of dried fruit, pecans, and brown sugar.