RSC Demo Bike Spotlight: Honey's Cyclocross Race Bike

Demo Bike Spotlight: Honey's Cyclocross Race Bike

The Honey Cyclocross Race bike is exactly what its name implies: a fast, quick-handling, nimble bike. It is made for today's cyclocross race courses, those that involve a lot turning and technical features.

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This bike is ready for demo rides. As with any demo bike we put on the road, we adjust it to fit the one who is riding it. We want you to feel the performance of the bike - then we help you select which one of the twelve sizes Honey offers that is right for you. No other stock bike company offers this many sizes from which to choose.


Frame Material: Lightweight steel from reputible steel tubing companies. The tubing selected by Honey maximizes power transfer and BB stiffness for performance on the race course.

Components: SRAM Red 2015 hydraulic disc brakes and 11-speed drivetrain.

Gearing: 36/46 Cyclocross gearing on the crank, 11-28 cassette*

Wheels as Shown: Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc. These are lightweight, stiff, and durable wheels. Excellent for racing and high performance.

Tires: Clement LAS 33c file tread clinchers

*Like all of the demo bikes on our floor, we often switch which saddles, stems, wheels, tires, and even handlebars are on our demo bikes to allow everyone who demo rides to get the ride he/she is interested in and what is best for each person.

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For more information about the Honey Cyclocross Race bike, come in to talk with us, see the bike, and take it out for a ride if you like! Our bikes are made to be ridden, and we want you to feel what these bikes are all about, and how they set themselves apart from the others. serush-head-tube-main

Honey race bikes come in a very large range of colors and schemes. Get the bike that fits perfectly for you, and one that looks just the way you like it to, also.