This Week in Coffee

This Week in Coffee

This week we are staying cozy in the Studio, safe from the snow, and drinking delicious coffee drinks from Gracenote Coffee  and George Howell Coffee!


Our espresso offerings come from our newest guest roaster, Gracenote Coffee. Currently in the hopper is Konga from Ethiopia. This naturally sweet espresso option will help brighten your day with flavor notes of stone fruit, candied lemon, and hibiscus. Next up this week we will be serving a Kiruga Peaberry from Kenya. This is another bright option with flavors of cherry, sassafras, and elderflower.

This week's pourover options are roasted to perfection by George Howell Coffee. Currently on the menu are Kanzu from Rwanda and La Minita from Costa Rica. The Kanzu is sweet and soothing with flavors of orange, plum, and caramel. La Minita offers up a different sweetness with flavors of maple syrup, white peach, and orange. Coming up later this week we will be serving Karinga AB from Kenya. This smooth coffee offers deep fruit flavors of blackberry, black grape, and apple.

Interested in learning more about coffee? Our coffee night talk with George Howell from last October, "What's Brewing," is now available in four episodes on LexMedia! Whether you missed the talk or were here and now want to revisit some of the coffee sourcing and brewing topics, these episodes are a wonderful outlet for better understanding the ins and outs of specialty coffee. Click HERE for more information and links to all four episodes!