Bayley Takes Newton's Revenge

On Saturday 9 July,  the Studio Team’s John Bayley took 1st place in his age group, and 7th place overall at the Newton’s Revenge Bicycle Hillclimb on Mt. Washington!  As John's riding partner and better half Pamela said, "John had a great ride, finishing seventh on his Seven. Maybe we should get him a Three!"

Congratulations to John for slugging it out on a challenging course in hot and humid conditions.  We are proud to have RSC represented among the top ten finishers in this lead-up to August’s Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb.  We’ll have several Studio Team members participating in that race, and we know that John will be racing to beat his Newton’s Revenge time!

Pamela also rode Newton's and unfortunately it took its revenge.  She tells the story:

"Pamela rode the Pixie Fixie, but has now learned her lesson about making sure everything is tight. About halfway up, the three piece crank came apart. It has a lockring to hold the spider onto the arm. That lockring came loose and suddenly no drive! Pamela walked to the next aid station about 4/10 km away. There the volunteer ham radio folks on motorcycles were able to get the lockring rethreaded and hammered on tight using a couple of screwdrivers! The repair held, and Pamela eventually made it to the top, although not as fast as she had hoped."