Christmas comes early!

Every now and then, a surprise comes in the mail.  Today was one of those days.  So what's in those black boxes, you ask?  Coffee courtesy of Adam McGovern and Aric Miller.  The first coffee, Beneficio San Vicente Honduras.  "This coffee is from the mill (beneficio) called San Vicente in the town of Pena Blanca, in the Santa Barbara district of West Honduras.  The second coffee, Goma Worceda, Gera Jimma, Ethiopia.  "This is one of a series of coffees from a coop in Goma Worceda, Ethiopia." More on those black boxes.  "McGovern and Miller took painstaking efforts in redesigning what McGovern says, over some 18 months, had become a sustainable souvenir of the Sterling experience.  Like the austere glass vessels, the new, foil-stamped matte black boxes evoke an international feel—as rich and distinguished as their contents."

The striking 4-by-4 inch cube with paper-lined parcel houses 300 grams (10 oz.) of Sterling's small batch beans.  A card provides the coffee's story.  Some say geeky, we say purely awesome packaging!