What is Honey?

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Honey bikes are proudly displayed on our showroom floor. Honey bikes are special: they are purpose-built bikes that have a lot of spunk.

These bikes have been developed for the kind of riding people want to do. It's simple: it means that Honey has turned people's wishlists of the ideal bike for many different kinds of riding into designs ready to be built. If it seems like Honey does a lot, they do: they offer more bike categories than any other U.S. builder.

The Bee Keepers, also known as the good people of Honey Bikes, have developed the design of each size of each kind of bike offered: 12 in total for almost everyone of all heights. They've done a lot of hard work behind the scenes. And though they have taken care of the intricate details of proper frame design, they allow the rider the latitude to make decisions such as paint colors and choice of components. As a shop, we offer even greater choices in customizing the components to suit you, but Honey starts with a solid set of options. Their recommendations are good ones depending upon your personal preferences.  The Bee Keepers are bike designers and experienced riders and they want you to have that ride you've always dreamed of having without having to stress about the details.


Decide what you want your Honey to do for you. Then see which model Honey has developed that does exactly that. We help you be sure you get the right size bike and then Honey is off building what you want. It's simple.

Honey bikes are made of cutting-edge quality steel tubesets and can be built and delivered in 5 weeks from the date you place your order. Lightweight steel offers a lively, fun ride and it's durable. Come in to demo ride these amazing bikes! Come in Tuesday through Sunday from 11am till close to check out our Honey demo bikes and talk with us about them.

Visit Honey on our Website or Email us (connect@ridestudiocafe.com) for more information or to set up a demo ride.

Check out the Honey Website and the Honey Blog, too!